November 11, 2012

TCBTL "Tis The Season For Giving

It's the time  of the year once again when people of all ages collect stickers for the love of planner.  I joined the bandwagon last 2011 and this 2012, I will continue to participate with the craze but this time in the form of stamps from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.
so christma~sy to me
and here's the mechanics
One will only be needing 12 stamps:  8 drinks of your choice + 4 what I call "should drinks" in order to get the 2013 Giving Journal planner.
photo from
What attracted me to get/avail  a Giving Journal planner are the monthly crafts and the posivity and colorful pages inside (please visit for more info).  The planner comes in two shades of brown and I'm eyeing the one with the lighter shade just for a change.  I noticed that my things are mostly in dark colors.
Red Velvet Ice Blended
For my first stamp, I chose the Red Velvet Ice Blended which is a complete...sorry to tell you this...a comple disappointment.  After spending P165 for a small cup, my expression was just a sad *sigh*.  The sweetness is okay but it lacks flavor; it's like I.m sipping a pink cotton candy.  I'm looking for something different, a kick that will make me remember it:  that red velvet is a special for christmas and will make me wish for another christmas.  Too much expectation for a drink huh?.  I will stop babbling about how i dislike the drink and focus more on getting the planner.

One down, 11 more to go!

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!

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