December 29, 2012

Holiday Hauls

It's the time of the year where shoppers have the right to splurge.  Well, a little on my part since I'm on a budget so the items that I got are either affordable or on sale.

So aside from peppermint candy canes (so addicting!) I got the following:

Amazon online
Got an XOXO watch and a toy camera.  Don't have a picture of the camera because it's still in transit.  It's with my brother actually, he's the one who ordered it for me (he said he'll probably just give it as a present hehehe)
classic looking XOXO watch para sa tumatandang ako 

Superheadz, looking really cute
photo from
Cheap Finds
Got my first Baby Lips which is on sale.  And 2 Shoes for P399!  Well, they are not that durable especially on a rainy day but I'd rather go to work with these on than slippers.  Will just probably wear the shoes that I store in my ped in the office.
Maybelline Baby Lips

2 pairs of Solemate
2 shoes from Payless.  The other one which is not in the picture is glittery while the one below is my first ever 4 inches takong (heels).  Need to practice how to walk with the shoes on!
Finally, Aloe Vera Gel in the house.  Despite the price hike, I have to admit that my skin love it.  Will probably hoard the next time the boutiques of Nature Republic here will go on sale.  Got these two + a freebie from an online seller
I'm getting ready for the heat of the summer
The Body Shop
I can't resist the boxed set and the body polish limited editions, grrrrr!!!.  Kaasar, expect some posts on the body polish on the first quarter of 2013!
know what's inside? hint: color violet
I want to sparkle and feel the joy and bliss of these body polishes!
Wheew done a lot of cropping in this post.  Till Next time.

Happy Holidays!  Let's welcome the New Year with a bang!


  1. Wow, nacomplete mo yung Body Polish! :D They smell soo good right? :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Arya!

    1. yes they smell really nice, nakakagutom siya.
      Merry Christmas and a Happy (bonggang) New Year to you Helen :D

  2. Love the haul ^^ I especially like the shoes and body polish <3 You make me want to try those holiday edition body polish XD

    1. thanks Eva, the body polishes smells like food especially the vanilla and I got them on sale. hehe Happy New Year!

  3. Cranberry joy was my favorite of The Body Shop holiday selection, I even bought one of the diffusers for my house, it smells so good. ^_^ I know this is a bit late but Merry Christmas, Arya ^_^

    1. it's okay I still feel christmas up to now hehehe. cranberry is awesome i want to hoard the body butter but it's out of stock when the body shop had their sale


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