December 31, 2012

All the way down: The last for 2012

This will probably my last post for 2012 (unless I can have a great shot of fireworks later).  I wanted to post a mask review and other samples but I ran out of time and I'm still going to clean my stuff and throw all empty containers of what I used up for the last two months which leads me to capture them and show them to you.

For two months here are the items that I emptied:

The Moisturizers
an aloe, shea nut, cranberry and an apple...well at least the lip balm is made of beeswax
You can find my reviews of the products here, here, here and here.  As for the lip balm, well it's already been a year or is it two???  Oh no signs of ageing!!! Anyway I have to already throw it.

For Feet and Legs
one fine, two so~so, three okay
Happy Heels is just fine for me and found something else that delivers the same benefit and feel at a very cheaper price (it's from Watsons and I already used it before).  Strip It didn't strip all my hair in my legs so it's going to the trash or I'll mix a tablespoon of apple cidar vinegar, 2 tablespoons water and 3 tablespoons of sugar with it to make a scrub.  As forTonyMoly well it worked okay and will continue using it's hair removal creams (I bought the for sensitive variant).  Posts for these three can be found here, here and here.

Bath Buddies
etude, snoe, the body shop, etude
Etude House, did you know your SA here are so confusing?  The SA who assisted me when I bought the Petit Bijou said it will be discontinued.  That was 6 months ago, but a month ago I saw sets in one of your store?  Anyways, did everything to empty the Happy Essential Foam because; due to mishandling, the smell of it turned a little funny so I have to consume it rapido!!! Here, here, here and here for the reviews.

That's a lot!!!  Hope that I will continue with this blog for 2012.  I have a lot of setbacks this 2012 even if I just started blogging.  There are times that I would just like to stop especially when my rating skyrockeeted to top 100 then fall six feet underground to 500 and do other interesting stuff but because of some nice comments and all the products that are just laying around all over my room I decided to continue.  I'll just stop when there's nothing more to review so 2013 be good to me!

Thanks to all my readers and hope that you will still continue to read and support The Certified Latebloomer!

Have a fun, safe and bonggang (outlandish/lavish/extravagant...just think extreme happiness) New Year!!!


  1. Happy new year to you too!! I see you empty your products pretty fast! It takes months for me @.@ I dunno why! Even my shoes never get worn out!

    1. happy new year Eva. Half of the products above took me around 4 months to finish while some; due to expiration date, I'm forced to regularly use them fast ahahaha. good thing your shoes dont wear out easily, I have to buy shoes at least once every quarter maybe because I ran most of the time for me not to be late to work hahaha

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  4. I had the same experience with Etude House SAs.

    There was a time when their face color corsets and etude house drawing eyebrow pencil were out-of-stock for so long. The SA told me they're already discontinued. Now they're back. I had a feeling the SA didn't really know what she was talking about. Maybe EH just wasn't able to replenish some of their lines on time.

    1. maybe the management of Etude doesn't clearly relay to their SAs if a certain product is discontinued or just out of stock or simply the SA like you said really don't know what she's talking about.


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