December 18, 2012

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy

As early as the third of November, I already want to feel Christmas.  So aside from shopping ( both actual and window shopping), I also use products that are "limited" for the season and opened the cute boxed set of The Body Shop' Cranberry Joy.
Cranberry Joy Set
The set includes a shower gel, body butter and a  bath lily in red.  The box too is in red with golden snowflakes printed all over.
60ml (2.0 US FL OZ)
Cranberry Joy Shower Gel
Well, I've never seen or smell a real cranberry but the smell of Cranberry Joy shower gel reminds me of a four season drink: maybe remove the guava part and replaced it with cranberry?  Not sure, but it does really remind me of a four season drink that is more dramatic/succulent rather than fruity.  It lathers really well especially when used with a bath lily/body sponge and amazingly makes my skin a little silkier and smoother.
50 ml (1.6 OZ, 48g
Cranberry Joy Body Butter
Cranberry Joy body butter is like a soft-served strawberry ice cream that melts in my skin! (no joke whatsoever).  It makes my skin instantly soft and silky and I don't why or what's the reason behind the small miracle.  Anyway, reapplication is needed when in a cold place because it's moisturization effect is lighter than the olive or shea body butter.  The smell of this one is like of a strawberry jam (I thought of Baguio when I first opened this): sweet, citrusy but with a little bit of rum.  The scent lingers on my skin and maybe a bit weird the first few days that I used it but I begun to be accustomed with it's smell and love it now.

I love this shower gel and body butter and since it's in a christmas-sy box, I think it's a perfect gift to give to a person who loves bath and moisture (like me) though I think it's a little pricey (I actually did my best to convince my friend to buy too so we can get another set for free).  Another thing to love is that they are in smaller versions so I don't have to spend a lot just for the joy of sampling The Body Shop's christmas limited edition products.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!

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