December 19, 2012

Holiday Food/Drink Favorites

It's December, it's holiday and it's time to eat a lot!!!  Diet is not an excuse.  Here are some of my favorites that can't get out of my head (and belly!)

Peppermint Attack
I love food with peppermint although many find it weird.  It's just refreshing and minty with just the right sugar (although I know it's made out of lots of sugar!)These candy canes are not just yummy but they look festive too with the colors of Christmas of green and red.
bought it from Candy Corner
Another Limited Edition from Mogu Mogu (why are the products nowadays have limited edition printed on it? great marketing strategy by the way!).  This drink has strawberry flavor with Nata de Coco so it's refreshing and filling at the same time.
Mogu Mogu Strawberry Juice a product of Thailand
And look how cute the cap is.  Kyot kyot talaga!
cute cap with my spare glasses
Any favorite you wanted to share?

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!

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