January 13, 2013

After Holiday Haul

I always go to malls a week or two after the holidays simply because sales are everywhere.  Of course, stores go gaga on how to dispose items that are on holiday themes.

Sometimes, the products that I find are great all year round and just have to dispose the boxes and whatnots and they look as if I bought them on their regular prices just like the items below which I got at 50% off the price tag.
The Body Shop haul
The Vitamin E range is a steal for me.  I would almost spend 25% of my month salary if I buy them individually and  I heard a lot of good reviews about the white musk, the box is not in a good condition but I'll throw it anyways so spending P250 for 3 mini items (I think it's already good for a month) is very okay with me.

And the body butter in sweet lemon is also on sale.  It's the old version which I like better than the newer ones because of the texture.  And last but not least, the mini manicure set which I kind of regret buying but well I already bought it so I immediately just use it.

Oh these items are not on sale but they are really cheap I mean affordable that I can't stop myself from buying them.  The bookmarks from National Bookstore are just P10 for 10 pieces and the oil from Papemelroti is just P59.  I hope National Bookstore will restock the other designs for the bookmark, I wanted to buy the frog and pig version.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. I think the manicure set is cute! :) What's that thing inside the right part of the Vit E box?


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