September 13, 2012

Clear Hair Removal Cream

There are many ways to remove unwanted hairs in the body.  There's shaving, waxing, and sugaring to name a few.  I chose the shaving method before because it's the fastest but aside from the cuts, the hairs tend to harden and coarse (and ugly)  that now leads me to use depilatory cream.  So far Tony Moly's the safest and most effective hair removal cream for me.
for sensitive and normal skin type
TONY MOLY CLEAR HAIR REMOVAL CREAM – easy to use, longer effect. Does not leave scar after shaving . Hair Removal Cream resolves hair, softens and lifts the beard for a close and comfortable shave. This expert formula creates a rich, warm, protective lather that acts as a cushion between the blade and the skin, preventing irritation and razor burn
 I was surprised when I first open this because it's colored green, quite different with the other brands that I tried before.  If it's your first time to try depilatory cream then you might not like the smell of this but believe me it's milder than the other brands and in time you'll get use to it.  One tube has 80grams of cream good for 4 to 6 sessions.
front and back shots of the box
How to use: Apply appropriate amount where you want to remove your hair and wait 5-10 minutes. If hair removes easily with your finger, scrub them all with included spatula.
Yup, there's no English descriptions or instructions in the box or in the tube so thank goodness for Tony Moly Philippines Facebook Page's translation which you can find here.  If it's your first time then better to do a spot test first to know if your not allergic with the product.

Here's how I use this cream:
I scrub first my legs (the only part I shave) prior to using the cream to loosen ingrown hairs.  Next I apply an appropriate amount using the back of the which is also spatula included in the box.  Better not to rub and make the cream turn white as per my experiment, it's more effective if it's just evenly spread on the skin.  You can use your hand if you're having a hard time spreading the cream with the spatula but make sure that you wash your hands immediately and thoroughly.  Let it stay for at least 5 minutes then do a test:  if the hair comes off easily then remove the rest with the tip of the spatula or a dampen wash cloth.  If not then let it stay for another 5 minutes.  I heard others saying that they leave the cream for more than 10 minutes to be more effective but just to be on the safe side, better to follow the instructions.  For me 10 minutes is enough.  After wiping, I make sure to thoroughly wash my legs to remove the excess hair and at the same time the smell.  The cream will leave the skin already moisturize but I still apply aloe gel or lotion.

Thanks for reading.  Hope this helps.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. How did it fare for you?

    I have stubborn (thick) hair, and I recently tried Sally Hansen's hair removal cream but it didn't really work too well which was disappointing!

    1. I prefer this cream over veet and nature republic although after 3 days the hair in my legs are starting to grow though, not as thick as before. I'm considering cold waxing, I think it's the only affordable and effective way for me to remove those stubborn hair *crossed fingers (*v*)*

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    1. wow thanks Cool boy (how cool of you :D), you made me happy.


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