January 23, 2013

TonyMoly Fresh Aqua Pure Drop Cream

Here's another product that makes me smile not just because I got it at an affordable price but also because of it's effects on my face--healthy looking face that is!
TONYMOLY Fresh Aqua Pure Drop Cream
Skin Irritation Free Formula
P878.00 (around $21)
I think I will go back to my old format of stating the particulars of the product (hope it helps).
From TONYMOLY Global website
Big effort for TonyMoly to shape the tub into a water drop.  I thought the container is made of glass so I kind of freak out the first time that I dropped it.  The material used is like with what is used in iphones.

Fresh Aqua Pure Drop Cream have 3 variants:  the White with Skin Irritation Free Formula, the Blue which is the Oil Free-Watery Type and the Pink for Anti-wrinkle and whitening.

I got the white variant which is for sensitive skin and because it promises to supply moisture and nutrition which my face badly needed.

I do not have any idea about it's active ingredient and it's hard to find any description from the net so I'll just rely on what's written in it's box:  It says that this product has a special water called Sapporo's Thousand Year Old Water (all I know is that Sapporo is a place in Japan) and extract from the heaven's sent plant known as Angels's Tears (with these ingredients I beginning to believe that this product is somewhat magical) both delivers strong moisturizing and hydrating effect and  makes the skin moist and soft by preventing the evaporation of moisture as they form a moisturizing barrier over the skin.  Another ingredient included is White Gold Colloidal which makes the skin moist and soft and keeps the skin healthy and clear by protecting the skin from harmful environmental elements (MAGICAL composition of description from TonyMoly).
few amount left!
As you can see from the above picture, it's white in color with a jellyish-whip cream texture that melts (and is quickly absorbed) once spread to the skin.  It has a cola smell (!!!) but the scent disappears after some time (it's nothing irritating, really).

I like that my skin has an instant glow (as if I'm wearing a volumer, less the sticky and heavy feeling) when I use this but as time goes by, the shine disappears but still my face looks as if I'm wearing a bb cream.  Moisturization wise, I think reapplication is not needed when I'm in 26 to 30 degrees celsius of temperature. Below or above the said range makes my skin a little dry or makes my nose area a little oily.

Thanks for reading.  Till then. Bye!


  1. Your face looks like you wear BB cream? WOW! Is it that good? I'm guessing no coverage tho?

  2. Eva Nyah, yes I thought it's just me but then a friend of mine suddenly asked what bb cream I'm using because she thought I'm wearing one though there's no coverage; it just made my face look smooth and silky

    1. You've been nominated for the Liebster award by me! http://bunnykisskawaii.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/the-liebster-award.html


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