January 25, 2013

The Liebster Award -Yehey!

It's my first time to received a Liebster Award thanks To Eva Nyah of Bunny Kiss.  And well, I'm not familiar with the mechanics so thanks to thanks to Jenny of almightlyturtles  (she nominated Eva Nyah who in turn nominated me (see the link?)).
About the Liebster Award
from almightyturtles with some color edit by me
Bloggers nominate other bloggers that they like with 200 followers or less. It doesn't matter what kind of blog you have, or in what language. If you have a blog then you can be nominated! It's to get to know new bloggers a little better and go networking with them, it's going on for a few years I guess. It's never ending! And.... yes.. there are rules, that's why it's never ending!
The rules:
1. List 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger who nominated you left
3. Ask 11 new questions for those you nominate
4. Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate
5. Go to each blogger's page and let them know about the award
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog

11 Facts About Myself

1.  Arya De Guzman is not my real name but I derived it from my real name.
2.  I always ruin my body clock especially on weekends so every Monday, I'm like a walking dead in the office.
3.  I love music and books.  I can create different kinds of world out of them.
4.  I always change my hobby and as a result I gain just a general knowledge and never had a mastery on anything.
5.  I only got my passport last year (hehehe).
6.  I'm shy but loud and I'm not a good conversationalist.
7.  I suck in sports and I always eat and as a result I have a chubby built.
8.  I always have my hair cut and I always lose in bet about getting my hair long.
9.  My hair is always magulo (messy).
10.  Ice cream, pastries, chocolate:  I can't resist their temptation.
11.  I love anime.  My crushes are anime characters.

And here's Eva Nyah's Questions

1. If you had to pick one flavor of ice-cream to eat for the rest of your life, what would that be?
Vanilla almond.  Luscious vanilla ice cream with caramel and almonds.
2. If you had wings, what type of wings would you have?
Angel Wings in white even just for one day so I can be what's the meaning of my real surname.
3. What is your favorite animal?
Never had a pet but maybe a fish (I grew up in a place with lots of fish).
4. Where do you like hanging out the most?
Bedroom (alone)
5. What do you eat for breakfast?
Eggs and fruits most of the time.
6. If you could be a cartoon/anime character for one day, which of the famous cartoon/anime characters would you want to be?
7. Do you watch Korean Dramas? If yes, what's your favorite?
Yes, I watch Korean Dramas sometimes.  My latest watch is Rooftop Prince so it's also my current favorite.
8. Your three wishes from the Genie?
-To be the happiest and safest multi-millionaire in the world for the rest of my life.
-Peace in every person and to the whole universe (I'm serious!)
-My mom to get well and fully enjoy her life. 
9. Your ideal job.
This is hard! I can't think of any...wait P√Ętissi√®re!
10. What colour toothbrush do you currently use?
11. The first song that you can think of!
Yellow by Coldplay~Classic!

My Childish Questions to the Nominees

1.  What's the last book you read
2.  Your favorite song and band is
3.  Where do you want to go for a vacation
4.  What's the silliest pose you did in a pic
5.  What's your favorite shop
6.  When was the last time you wrote a whole paragraph using a pencil or pen
7.  Have you ever watch/read an anime/manga
8.  Rainy or Sunny day
And some classics!
9.  What's that one thing you can't live without
10.  Love or Money
11.  What inspires you to blog

Since I'm shy and not a good conversationalist, I'm having a lot of hard time commenting and connecting  with other bloggers but kakapalan ko na mukha ko so here are the nominees:

almightyturtles -Jenny's
kissokill.net -Robin's
anything in my drawer, shopping bag, kitchen -galleryibu
dolcellita -Arian's
littlebratontheloose -Elle's
my beauty vanity -La Vanilla's
one-winged angel -Rin-chan's
meteji ustvarjata -Mateja and Mateja's
bunny kiss. -Eva's (this is okay, right?)
cakepie -Tiffany's
bargain blabber -Jenna's

Whew that was hard but enjoyable!  Now it's time to notify the bloggers.  Wish me luck (fighting!!!)


  1. i laughed at this, you know what-->If you had wings, what type of wings would you have?
    "Angel Wings in white even just for one day so I can be what's the meaning of my real surname."
    and i love this-->My mom to get well and fully enjoy her life.

  2. thanks for nominating me, thats sweet :3


    1. thank you too and welcome :)
      Even if I'm already in my 20's I still watch Naruto

  3. I'm not sure if we can be nominated more than once, anybody knows?

  4. Thaaanks for nominating me!<3

    Omg I also love Yellow by Coldplay *-* It's one of my favorite songs ever!!!
    And I need to try almond vanilla ice cream, it sounds soo good :3

    1. welcome...Yellow is really a great song and the vanilla almond is really yummy I can eat a whole tub in just one sitting (ooppss ^__^)

  5. Thanks for nominating me ^_^ I like your answers, finally we start to get to know you ^_^ It makes me feel like as readers we can connect with you more ^_^

    I am LOVING your ideal job, my niece wants to do that for a career it's such an art!

    1. welcome and thank you too. glad that i can connect with someone miles away from where i am. as for my ideal job, well i think it's cool and fun and im starting to bake. good luck to your niece, hope she finds her passion in creating art in pastries :D

  6. Thank you Arya! BTW, I love anime too heheh~
    Done with it! http://katatsubasanotenshi.blogspot.com/2013/01/my-second-liebster-blog-award.html

    1. thank you too, now i really reading and watching mangas

    2. forgot the word want in there hehehe

  7. visiting you here arya :D just wondering if you're from Bulacan? hehe. my middle name was De Guzman too :D and my mom's from there :D


    1. thanks for dropping by. im 4 hours away from bulacan ahahaha i cant measure the distance by miles kaya oras na lang. hmmm my mom haven't mentioned to me any relatives from Bulacan or di lang ako masyadong nakikinig pag nagkwekwento siya :)

    2. or maybe you're from Batangas :D cause I do :D

    3. ohhh you're from Batangas.maybe i'll my mom when i visit here :)


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