January 30, 2013

Olive from TheFaceShop

Wahh I accidentally erase my pic of this mask and already used the two that I have so the pic down there is from TheFaceShop's website.  Update: I found it!!!!
TheFaceShop Real Nature Mask Sheet Olive
20ml essence
All Skin Types
P65 (approximate) around $1.50
Anyhoo, price is approximate because I got some TFS masks on sale:  20 pieces for P500 excluding shipping fee which is P150 so if computed each mask cost me P32.5 (less than a dollar).  By the way for the initial review of TheFaceShop mask please click here.

photo from TheFaceShop website
Polyphenols which is the active ingredient in the Olive Mask belongs to a group of antioxidants compounds called as catechins whic can fight free radicals in the body.  Polyphenols also improve moisture retention and absorption  (thanks google for providing us the necessary info).

So surprisingly the scent is not too alcoholiche essence is not too sticky too (I have lots of complaints with TFS masks because of the scent and essence's consistency).

Now for the effect: nothing much actually, it's just neutral.  If I used this before the other variants maybe I could commend it with it's moisturizing feature but for now I just like it for it's refreshing feeling especially if it freshly came out of the refrigerator.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!

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