February 11, 2013

Packages everywhere: The Hipstyle Way

My GMarket order is in customs!!!  Huhuhu, it's delivered in the place where I live in but the guard said there's no one around to received my package and just gave me a slip of paper and have to go to Philpost that is far away from my place to claim it T_T.

Got dead worried when I saw in the EMS tracking that my package is already in the Philippines and was held hostage in customs and two days after the update went "Worldwide Shipping Failed" so getting the slip somehow is a relief (customs wait and be good to me!!!!)

Anyway, one of my FB newsfeeds catched my attention one Thursday evening close to Friday already (I paid on Friday morning February 8, 2013)  It's from Hipstyle Online Shop and boy, it's having a sale.  I computed the prices in korea + the should be shipping fee and I only have to add some moolah which I think is just enough compensation for not having the headache wondering where my package is and baammm, I got my package last Saturday afternoon (February 9, 2013).  That was FAST!

So here's my neatly pack package complete with bubble wrap, ribbon and a note.
neatly and carefully packed
Ahhh, love the personal touch!  I know that every order has a note but adding something hand written is a good marketing strategy to make a customer remember a seller.  I truly appreciate it Kat!
the good note
And here's my orders.
the washes
The Enprani White Cell foam cleanser looks really sosyal.  The Naive one is for my friend Pink!
for a baby foot feet?
I'm currently having the peel using TonyMoly and would love to compare it with this Baby Foot Deep Skin Exfoliation.  I've seen the pictures of peeling foot and I'm sold.  Must use it before June 2013 though.
can I hang this masks?
Of course mask!  I still have tons of mask but I can't help buying them as they are just P35.
where are the other freebies???
And of course freebies!!!!! I already ate the 3 candies/chocolates by the way :p Kamsa Hamnida Hipstyle!

I'll be getting my GMarket package tomorrow, wish me luck and get ready for another haul post.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!!!


  1. That's a really nice haul :D
    Those ampoule masks are so cute! It's so awesome that you can hang them too
    I hope your customs hostage crisis is averted soon. (Seriously though. customs is terrifying ._.)

    1. yeah thy are cute and wanted to hang them on our bathroom but my family might find it weird and throw so I'll keep it in closet.

      And finally, I got my Gmarket package ^__^ thanks for visiting my blog

    2. lol my family would do that too xD
      and hooray! :D
      I can't wait to read a post on it (if you're doing one)

    3. ahahaha and yes hooray indeed.i'll be making a post for my gmarket haul hopefully before the week ends :D

  2. Ha those masks can be hung up easily for storage ^_^ I really want to try a foot peel, they look like they really get feet smooth (a little gross when the skin comes off but no one has to see, right?)

    1. they would really look cute ahahaha
      i've used foot peel before and yeah no one has to see it (i've worn close-shoes for a whole week) and it made my feet smooth and
      pinkish too


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