February 21, 2013

Packages everywhere: Let's Do It the Kkochi Pida Way

Since last year, I've been eyeing this online seller Kkochi Pida but everytime Charmaine Santos (she's the lady behind the shop) posts her on hand items, someone else reserves the items that I want even if I'm not yet done browsing through the album in Facebook (so fast ladies!).  So last Monday when most are still having their beauty sleep, I chance upon Kkochi Pida's page and there are new items on hand.  It's already been posted for almost an hour but since it's Monday and in an "ungodly hour" only few are reserving and finally got my chance to reserve some items (horray!!!!).

What I like about this shop is that it offers wide variety of korean and other "beautifying" products without the heavy price tag (one of the cheapest, actually) and the seller is really nice and accomodating (and beautiful too ^_^).  Did I mention that she also sells products that are not yet discovered or popular in the Philippines? I got excited when she posted some photos of lip balms from Too Cool For School.

Anyway, here's what I ordered.
finally I am the one who got my package from the smiling mr. guard early in the morning
I kind of promise myself to get some make-up on my next orders when I got my package last time aside from bb cream so my mom and my sisters would be happy but skincare rocks and look how cute the snail is:
The Saem Snail Trio No.3 Lavender Sleeping Pack
I also wanted to get the green snail but I digressed, my wallet is getting thinner
I have a sleeping pack on the way from Korea but I can't help to get the cute snail sleeping pack from The Saem (GD will soon be the face of this brand on March!).  I always see this in Gmarket but the time that I made my first GMarket order, it's on a set of 3 sale so I passed buying it.  What I like about this sleeping mask is that it can be use on a nightly basis unlike others (used two sleeping masks and they are only recommended to be use twice a week).
7 Innisfree It's Real Mask
Finally, not just one but 7 Innisfree Mask.  I've also been eyeing the 10+10 promo in GMarket but I'm afraid of customs tax and I only wanted to buy some variants.  I hope there will be Carrot and Red Cabbage next time.  Let's see if I can also have a great skin like Lee Min Ho :P
Skin79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream
And lastly, a sample BB Cream.  I prefer sample BB Creams in tube because I'm having a hard time finishing a full size one.  Besides a 10 or 15ml tube can last from 2 up to 3 months with me and I also have more chances of trying out other BB Creams out there.
ElishaCoy and Nature Republic Freebies
Very generous freebies!!!!  Wow, maybe Charm sense how tired my eyes are (just joking, but I badly needed this patches and I now have the chance to try ElishaCoy).

So that's all for now.  I'll have another haul post next week so watch out for it and do comment your recent haul below (I love reading haul posts) or your blog here (I will surely visit it ^__^)

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. Kkochi Pida seems like such an awesome site! I just googled it and it seems like they ship internationally!! Yeshhh! *Q*
    I guess I'll be spending some money there as well ahaha
    And the snail sleeping pack packaging really is very cute <3

    1. that's a good news to Kkochi Pida then. hope the shipping fee won't hurt you much :D

  2. Great Haul :D!!
    I'm glad you finally got your chance to reserve some items~
    That snail sleeping pack looks so cute! God I love the packaging on korean cosmetics.
    I look forward to reviews if you're doing them. And trying out all those masks should be really fun :D

    1. yes, finally after months of stalking :)
      seems like Koreans puts so much effort in the packaging, sometime I just buy products out of the cuteness

  3. I just got a lot of innisfree masks too, i haven't tried any yet have you?

    I love the saem snail cream package it's so adorable ^_^

    1. I haven't tried any Innisfree masks but a lot of people seem to like this brand (I hope it's not just its endorser but the performance of their products too). and the saem snail series (face and hand cream) are really adorable, I always go to GMarket just to look at them ^__^


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