February 21, 2013

TheFaceShop Cucumber Mask

After all the mask that I've tried from TheFaceShop, I thought this Cucumber variant wouldn't have any significant effect on my face like the Olive.  But surprisingly, it turns out it's the mask that is prfect for my tired skin.
TheFaceShop Real Nature Mask Cucumber
Extract grounded from fresh cucumber 1000mg contained
A hydrating/vitalizing mask sheet containing cucumber extract to fill puffy and lackluster skin with cool hydrating minerals
around P65 ($1.50), I got it for  P32.50 inclusive of delivery charge
No wonder my skin reacted so nicely with this mask because it targets dull, lifeless and tired skin.  And cucumber is very known for its hydrating and refreshing factor.

Here's how to use a mask sheet, just in case it'll be your first time:

How to:
1. Get the skin even by toner
2. Place the mask sheet evenly according to where nose and eye areas are
3. Take off the sheet after 15-20 minutes. Gently pat for better absorption

Good gracious, this mask doesn't smell to alcoholic but it also do not have the refreshing cucumber smell.  But it's alright, what matters is the freshness that I felt when I used it.  Essence is not sticky too and provides light moisturization.  I didn't bother to put another layer of skincare on my face because of the hot weather so the moisture from the mask essence is just perfect.  It also instantly brighten my face (not looking too tired anymore) and the morning after, gives my skin a healthy glow.  I didn't have a pimple nor a zit with this mask so, thumbs up!

Oh by the way, if you have small chin and jaw like me then you'll have a little problem with the sheet mask. It didn't fit perfectly in the said area and what I do is overlapping the cuts in the chin area with the jaw part of the mask sheet.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. I really like this! Which website did you get it from?

    1. hi Naomi, I pre-ordered from an online seller here in the Philippines. not sure if she ships internationally but here's her fb link https://www.facebook.com/bae.lu.fashion?fref=ts


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