February 25, 2013

Samples that make me wonder: Innisfree

I'm one of the many human being who thank Korean Shops for giving out samples.  It gives me the opportunity to try out out different products products without hurting my already hurt wallet and in discovering great things that should be dicovered.

Innisfree is one of the leading brands in Korea which is being endorsed by no other than Lee Min Ho (I sometimes think I have a crush on him...WEIRD).  This brand still doesn't have a physical store in the Philippines but there are some online seller who offer some products (thank you very much online seller).  These 3 that I sampled are from Bhappywithme (bought the other one, the two are for free).
Apple Juicy Liquid Foaming Cleanser
Almond Sugar Scrub
Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
The first sample that I got from Innisfree are the toner and face lotion from the line Green Tea Pure Skin and I gave it a 50/50 but realizing that they are the wrong product to my dry skin, I gave Innisfree another chance and it's a wrong move because now, I'm LOVING the brand (GMarket please make Innisfree products on a 50% off sale, pretty plese~~~).

Apple Juicy Liquid Foaming Cleanser
A liquid-type deep cleansing foam for smooth and healthy shine as clear as a fresh apple
photo from Innisfree Korea website
I can say that Apple Juicy Liquid Foaming cleanser is a love at first use.  It's a liquid/gel type cleanser that creates lots of bubbles with an apple juicy scent.  It gently yet thoroughly cleanses my face leaving it with a thin gel~like moisture for a moisturize and glowing skin.  A single small sachet (which cost around P20 with behappywithme, might buy some sachets in the future since the full size price is a bit higher than my current cleansers) can be use 5 to 8 times.

Almond Sugar ScrubThis hypoallergenic scrub exfoliates unnecessary dead skin cells with almond and sugar.
photo from Innisfree Korea website
I can see the tiny particles of crushed almonds but not for the sugar.  The sugar in the Almond Sugar Scrub is so fine it's comparable to a sand (the very fine white one that can be found in one of the islands of Coron that is being endangered of being lost forever).  This scrub is so mild I almost can't feel it's scrubbing power when I tested on my hands but is really good when applied on the face: it likes my face is having a light massage.  After scrubbing of course I have to feel my face:  It's feels cleaner, a little smoother and...OMG where are the bumps!!!  But of course seeing my face on the mirror tells a different story.  Blackheads are still present but are less visible.  Not into the smell though but I think I can get  used to it with regular use.

Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay MaskA clay mask with Jeju volcanic clusters to attach to sebum and purify pores.
photo from Innisfree Korea website
One of Innisfree's best sellet Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask.  With it's description I think it's more for those with oily skin type but I just wanted to try it and I'm glad I did. This mask is a Jeju volcanic scoria clay mask that intensively adsorbs sebum and purify pores. It's formulated from solidified lava caused by volcanic eruptions in Jeju Island. This pure and rare ingredient adsorbs impurities and sebum that are deeply embedded within skin pores (description from Sasa with a little edit by me).
I thought this would be a little liquidy but it's more of like play dough that can be spread easily and is also not messy to apply.  It turns a little powdery once applied to a clean face.  After 5 minutes, the mask started to tighten but I can still move my face freely and it's a little hot too.  Weird but I can smell apple cidar vinegar with this pack.  Anyway after 15 minutes, I remove the mask by splashing tepid water and surprised! it's so easy to remove it and didn't dry my face.  My skin looks brighter and smoother without any red spots or stinging effect.

So far, I'm enjoying Innisfree and really hope to try more of their products.  By the way the girl in the picture is YoonA from Girl's Generation.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!

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