March 1, 2013

February 2013: Random Things and Favorites

photo from
Terrarium simply amazes me.  I wanted to make a small one to freshen up our small room.

Goya Goodies Malt Crunch and Splendor with Red Peppermint Crunch
Goya is improving and introducing lots of yummy chocolates and candies.  Love the two in the pic plus Quadros which is always out of stock T_T I want one now na!

Dreaming of
A small relaxing pool like this
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 A cozy library like this
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 And a living room like this
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Haven't search for my own room and bathroom but I am dreaming of having my own small yet easy to maintain space.  Hope this will not be a dream forever.

Eye Mask
I'm chubby, fluffy, fair skinned and have dark eyebags so this panda mask  is perfect for me.

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Looking into shopping websites is so addicting that I found these Japan made products: Hada Labo and Juju.  I wish I have lots of money and going to EMS or post office is so easy so I can easily order this trio.

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video can be found here
LSS with Radioactive from Imagine Dragons.  I'm so glad I'm still listening to the radio (thanks Jam 88.3) if not then I could have been insane :P

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

P.S. I can feel the heat of the summer!!!!


  1. Terrarium plants are so awesome! The panda mask is so cute~ ^ ^

    1. yeah i really wish that i have green hands to make lots of terrarium. so glad to have the panda aside from it's cute and fluffy, it's also really cheap :)

  2. Very pretty visual but I think a small body of water will smell after a while? =[

    1. i think so too. maybe I'll just clean or replace the water everyday :P it's an extra work though maybe I'll just have the one in the picture when I'm super rich already :D


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