March 4, 2013

Packages everywhere: Etude House and TonyMoly

I wish I could go to Korea myself but I have no time and budget >_<.  So these items that I will be posting from Etude House and TonyMoly are bought by my friend's friend (kapalan na ng mukha :P) too bad though she didn't catch the great sale in Korea .but I'm still happy because I saved around P700.

First stop Etude House!

Another tub of Moistfull Collagen Cream is a must because my skin loves it!  Don't ask me though what's the difference Moistfull Collagen Cream and Moistfull Collagen Cream Enriched because I do not know.  Korean price is 15000won.
comes with a 15ml essence
A sleeping pack from the Nutrifull line although I think the line was introduced in Korea fro the winter months to soothe very dry skin...I have dry skin but it's already summer here in the Philippines.  I just hope this will not make my skin oily.  Shed 15000won for this.
got it at a wrong season
Thinking there's only one kind of essence in Etude House, I got this Moistfull White First Essence not knowing that this is different from Moistfull White Essence.  This should be applied before toner but I'll break the rule and use it as a regular essence/serum.  This costs me 18000won.
missed knowing that one word
Next items are from TonyMoly.  Just two actually.

Oh looks it's me!  Well I hope this Panda's Dream Good-bye Dark Eye Corrector will help correct my dark circles (50% hope only).  Cute and bulky packaging gor 7000won.
panda's are cute, right? so I'm cute too?
And lastly, a 100% Natural Fiber Cleansing Puff that I got out of again, curiosity!  Curiosity I mean Cleansing Puff cost 3000won. 
And this wraps up my February haul madness (I got these last week).

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. will wait for Panda's Dream Good-bye Dark Eye Corrector review :) Great haul :)

    1. thanks Park Chan Seul (sorry I don't know your nickname ^_^), give me at least a month for the Panda's Dream Good-bye Dark Eye Corrector (hope it can lighten my dark circles)

    2. it's me from just call me it girl.. :)
      sure will wait for it ;)

  2. great haul! Moistfull White Fist somehow kind of reminds me of the old kungfu style movies....never mind. xD
    Great haul! It really makes me want to try the collagen moistful. But dang is it expensive. I'm glad you found such great deals though :D

    1. oh good thing you saw the the word fist it should be first ( sorry about that, I should not post when I'm sleepy xD) ahahaha
      the moistfull line is a bit expensive (and getting pricier too) but I really love the collagen cream, it makes my skin moist and just have to apply a little amount so the small bottle goes a long way


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