March 27, 2013

Skinfood Facial Water Vita-C Mist

I feel hot.  Don't get me wrong, it's not my figure that I'm talking about but my skin  (I'm a chubby chix =D).  It's just the start of the summer but the weather is so hot and crazy that rain suddenly poured last week but it didn't subdue the high temperature but this facial mist did!  Well not the weather but my sweating and burning (I'm exagerating) face.

Skinfood Facial Water Vita-C (Mist)
Drink for Skin.  SKINFOOD Facial Water
A facial water mist that fills thirsty skin with the vital hydrating energy of Vita C complex and Alaska glacier water.
145 ml (full size) at $14.89 in amazon
50 ml (miniature) at P195 in bhappywithme
I got mine from bhappywithme (ebay ph) and despite being a miniature, it's miniature is so decent it really sprays mist rather than droplets of water (unlike the others that I encountered).  It's sodecent that just a spray can cover my whole face without looking wet.
full size! photo from
I don't know exactly how Skinfood source the Alaska Glacier water:  maybe they send a team to Alaska, take a huge chunk of ice from the mountains and bring it to Korea or buy the alaska glacier water that are in bottles sold by a company I chanced upon while searching info for the said water (I'm just joking).  I don't know what's so special about Alaska Glacier Water but it is said that it's one of the cleanest and purest water on earth.  I do not know if it's true but here's Skinfood's take:

[Alaska Glacier Water Story]
Alaska is on initial source of water covered with over 20,000-year-old glaciers. Alaska glacier water is fresh water at mildly alkaline pH, enriched with oxygen, minerals and ions. -source

So aside from the Alaska Glacier Water, Facial Water Vita-C Mist have Vitamin C enriched berries: Rasberry, acai berry, cranberry and strawberry, that delivers revitalizing hydration.  These fruits explains the citrusy smell of the mist which is really refreshing.

Mist I think is not really necessary in skincare.  For me they are just toners in a bottle with atomizer.  But who can blame a girl who despite wearing a semi-corpo attire goes out of the house fast walking to catch the trains (yes two trains) and run to beat the clock (in order not to be late to work) but still wanted to have a fresh looking face to conceal the sweat all over her body.  Well not me, I can totally understand her =)  Besides; after the unexpected exercise, a quick perk-me-up refreshment for the skin is much needed and this mist in a bottle has it.  Never tried to put this in the refrigerator as I don't want to scare the people in the office but Skinfood suggested that to enjoy a cooling skin treatment, refrigerate before using.  As for me, I immediately spray this mist on my face straight from the drawer and it really refreshes and hydrates my skin for let's say 30 minutes (cooling only last for seconds).  It's hot inthe Phils. so I spray 3 times a day.  An hourly spraying vigil is needed if the weather is extra hot.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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