March 28, 2013

TheFaceShop Lemon and Rice Mask

As a continuation of the brightening and Vitamin C series, here's two TheFaceShop masks that I used for the past 3 weeks.
TheFaceShop Real Nature Mask Lemon
A brightening mask sheet containing fresh lemon extract bursting with vitamin c to densely penetrate the skin and brighten dull skin tone while maintaining its translucence
I'm afraid of lemon masks as they one:  remind me of car fresheners that are unpleasant to the nose and two:  a pimple will surely appear the day after used.  This one is an exception:  though it didn't brighten my skin, the smell and lightness of it's essence is refreshing that it puts me to a quick nap (a first for me!).  No pimple outbreak too so this mask for me is perfect for relaxation purposes.
TheFaceShop Real Nature Mask Rice
An exfoliationg/complexion improvement mask sheet to smoothen and brighten dull and rough skin
extract grounded from quality rice 1,000ppm contained
I know what what kind rice was used
Wow, my phome camera can take decent photos (hooray!).  Going back to the mask, among the  ones that I tried from TheFaceShop, so far (I syill have raspberry and pumpkin to try) this is my favorite.  Though  the smell has tiny bit hint of alcohol, the nice clean, a little flowery smell of the essence overpowers it.  This too put me into a quick nap.  I do not know how will this mask exfoliate skin (and I don't expect any exfoliation to happen) but it does really smoothen and brighten dull and rough skin.  My face is glowing after I removed the sheet and the glow stays even after I washed.  Too bad there's only one piece of this rice mask in the 20pieces in a pack that I bought last year (but will have to buy some when I got to Korea hopefully next year!)

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. So the lemon mask didn't do anything? Atleast the rice mask is good ^^ I might try it. I'm not really a sheet mask person though, it's very cold here and even if I warm up the mask before use, it becomes really cold after a couple of minutes!

    1. yes, it's just good for relaxation and the weather here is the opposite in your place. i refrigerate my mask :D

  2. I love face masks. At first I was really doubtful about them, but then after so many face masks, it finally convinced me. I might try the rice mask since you recommended it. ^^

    1. me too, I love face mask and wanted to use them on a daily basis (but I can't because it will make me bankcrupt). I hope the rice mask will have the same effect on you :) I'll also try other brands in the future


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