April 7, 2013

Watsons Rose Water Facial Mask

I'm back.  After attempting to write in a notebook or computer, I finally able to write a post.  Been sick, tired and stressed for the whole week for an unknown reason, are you experiencing it too?

Okay so this post is just about the Watsons mask that I bought for only P29 (around $.70).  Hooray for P10   off (cheapskate alert!) so even if I know what Watsons mask essence is sticky, I still manage to grab 2.  One of them is this Rose Water.
Watsons Facial Mask with rose water and natural plant extracts
Revitalising and Moisturising
P39 original price got it for P29
I pick this variant because an article about how relaxing rose water is.  Also search some of the benefits and here's a portion of an article from http://www.holistichealthherbalist.com

"Rose as an herb is very cooling, soothing, anti-inflammatory, and astringent…the perfect recipe for those suffering from acne. Apply it to red, hot to the touch, blemished areas for a calming effect. The best method is to spray it on directly.
"Rose water is also quite antiseptic, so acne causing bacteria don’t stand a chance with regular use as a natural skin toner.  It’s properties benefit sensitive, irritated, dry, and even oily skin complexions by controlling sebum production. Rose water even balances the skin’s PH levels and tightens pores making them appear smaller."-www.holistichealthherbalist.com
the 9 cuts didn't help a lot
Upon opening, I can smell the relaxing smell of rose water but don't worry it's nothing too flowery.  One thing that I don't like though is the fit of the sheet mask.  It's too small especially on the eye area, I only have to half open my eyes.  It's a little short on the jaw area too nut since it's pack with so much essence, I just put the excess in the not so covered areas of my face.  Enough bullying of the sheet mask and start praising how thick and nice it's texture- it's not irritating and cannot be easily thorn.
Since I put the mask in the freezer I feel the instant freshness (hot weather=hot face=the need for cold stuff). I also did a little massaging using the mask prior to opening it because the essence frost and the massaging part helped in fast defrosting plus my face relaxed a little.
30 ml of essence
Funny how Watsons emphasize where the mask is made now.  I believe it wasn't there before, just saying.  Going back to the essence; as expected, it's a sticky and a little slimy so for those who don't want to have the heavy feeling caused by the sticky essence then splash some water after use.  As for me, I just pat the excess essence and surprise it made my skin look refreshed.  When I woke up (I used mask before sleeping but don't leave it on for the whole nappy time) another surprise!  my skin look fairer to the point that I think it lighten my freckles and it seems like I wore a bb cream with a volumer or something that makes my skin look naturally matted but has shine (the pleasant kind of shine.  The effect is only good for a day though.
how to use + ingredients and other stuff that you might want to know
Not bad for a P29 or less than a dollar mask right?

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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