April 8, 2013

April Haul

Haul time again!  I can't believe that I bought a lot (again), for others this might be small but for me spending this much (almost 2,000) is already galore.  Funny how I set my alarm 5 minutes before 9:00 pm to reserve items from Kkochi Pida (you already know her, right?).  I fell asleep and never heard the alarm (I must have been really tired from cleaning) wake up at around 9:20 pm panickingly look into FB and boom no more items.  Well that's what I thought until 5 minutes later pictures of on hand and sale items are starting to pop-up (I'm just in time).  I only have have 2 to 3 hours of sleep (i have irregular sleeping time people) but got up real fast full of energy commenting mine in almost every item that I want (items sold fast with this online shop, can't blame the shoppers since Charm (the seller) can really charm you).
In short; amidst this silly story, I'm a happy and here's what I hoarded.
tonymoly + holika holika
Cacao for my skin and pig for my nose ◕_◕??? But seriously look at the packaging, IRRESISTIBLE.
And lookey! Nagdadalaga na ako (I'm turning into a lady).
a base, a balm and a a blusher
As much as I wanted to open and try all these items, I must stop myself because I just opened a bunch of products last week (9 to be exact) but I'll start with the Baby Choux while it's still in hype and maybe the Blusher too to give color to my pale face (I hope Charm will also sell other items from the Sweet Recipe line).
as always with korean products, packagings are cute
And of course the freebies that makes every online buyer extra happy.  If you go to a store, one must purchase a minimum amount to get freebies.  By online, you get assortments os products and still get freebies.
I have another mask to use
Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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