April 10, 2013

Snoe White No.5 Calamansi

Childhood oh childhood!  I remember crawling in the fields just so my older siblings would not caught us younger ones to go to grandpa's house to play when patentero, dodgeball was so in and when learning how to ride a bike is a must and having wounds or cuts or bruises from it is an award that turned into nasty scars that I want to get rid these days.  But what can i do, as a kid playing is what matters (and food too!).

I am a cheapskate at heart so I'm crossing derma's as one of the solutions to my dilemma, erasing cebo de macho because it doesn't work on my skin and ditching medical creams because they stick to the beddings.  Last resort would be whitening soaps.  Tried some; a 2 or 3 kinds, but this one is better than the last.
Be the fairest of them all
Snoe White No.5 Vitamin C rich Calamansi beauty bar
P139 (last year)
Hooray for calamansi!!!  I used calamansi in most of my DIYs because it can whiten, brighten and smoothen skin and Snoe used it in this bar to be it's main ingredient.  I'll tell it to you straight that it did not immediately lighten my scars.  I'm using it for a month now and still have the marks but it slowly and surely lightening them.  In 2 weeks I see good results, don't have the photos of the progress but just think of gray turned powder pink.  This soap changed my mind of totally ditching Snoe (I had a problem with one of their products before) and would love to again try other products like the hair heroes (catchy name by the way).
the signature seal of Snoe, a snowflake
Like most whitening soaps,  it's also natutunaw agad (melting quickly) so I cut the huge soap into 5 and each slice is good for a week for me since I only use it once a day.  I also only leave it on my skin for around a minute  because I'm not comfortable with the prickly sensation.  I'm born with a sensitive skin (I don't why) but if you have normal skin then you can use it as directed.
a little but still readable, right?  sorry for the shaky hands
I mainly bought the No.5 for my scars in my legs but Snoe said...
Here's a short excerpt from livestrong.com about Alpha_Hydroxy Acid:

"...alpha hydroxy acid, lightens brown spots, age spots or so-called liver spots that appear as the result of excessive sun exposure as well as aging. Products containing alpha hydroxy acid, or AHA, have proven to be effective, with continued use, in lightening dark spots on the skin."

It's been a month now since I started to use Snoe White No.5 and with the help of a lightening serum, my scars lighten and just needs a little time for them to completely blend with the natural skintone of my legs.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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