April 11, 2013

Innisfree It's Real Avocado Mask

Ahh avocado, one of my favorite fruit in the world especially when turned into a fruitshake:  sweet, creamy, yummy, refreshing and filling it brings back memories of childhood (we used to have avocado in our front yard before) and of Ka Lui in Palawan which is 3 years...holy guacamole, that's been a long time.  I must find a real avocado but for now I'll settle with this avocado mask.
Innisfree It's Real Avocado Mask
with avocado and green complex
950 won in GMarket/around $1 in ebay/got it for P35 from kkochi pida
The description in front is the same with other variants and at the back of the packaging everything is in Korean so I made a short search and it says that this mask nourishing and moisturizing so by the time I used the mask, I told myself "Ahhh this is perfect, my face is drier and paler than normal".
no translation
Now the scent kind of disappointed me: it has a faint alcohol plus there's no avocado smell to it, but the silky sheet compensated it.  It's a bit thin though so harsh tagging and pulling can tear the mask.  Mine got a tear when I tried to perfectly fit it in my face.  Yeah, got a little trouble fitting it especially in the nose and cheeks area but the cuts help plus the thinness and silkyness also helped in making the mask stay in place on my face for an hour.
thin and silky, just almost the way I wanted it
The essence; surprisingly, is more like an emulsion/face lotion - it's white and creamy and it's plenty that I had enough left to be use for 3 days.  After an hour, I removed the sheet mask and I hated what I saw in the mirror:  oily face.  It's not super sticky and heavy though so I let it on my face, got some sleep and when I woke up I made the right decision of not washing my face after removing the mask sheet because my face looks healthy.  I know I over used in this blog words like smooth and soft but seriously among all the masks that I tried, Innisfree mask made my skin at it's most smooth and soft state.  My pores got a little smaller too and the effect lasted for 3 days (actually I'm still counting and I think it would last up to 5 days).  Now for the full description, here's what I found from Yesstyle:

"Highly moisturizing facial mask is packed with protein and moisture-enriched avocado essence that feeds skin with nutrients for more softness and vibrancy after every use. For best results, use mask on cleansed face and leave mask on for 10-15 minutes. After removing, massage in remaining essence and follow with a moisturizer if needed. Recommended for normal to dry skin types." -www.yesstyle.com

Avocado for the skin?  According to Reader's Digest, avocado can hydrate parch skin.  It helps prevent dry skin and brittle hair and nails because it's a good source of biotin.

I skipped the moisturizer by the way.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


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