April 1, 2013

Random Wish and Favorites

Last February, I shared about the food, music, wish and things that I like and wanted to continue doing so in the following months.  This month (March actually) it's still all about food, music and wishes come true!  Plus some summer sunset photos.

Let's start with food.  I love spicy noodles and for a quick fix, I sometimes buy ready to cook like what is in the picture below with different characters all over that I ca't understand (and glad that I'm not allergic to it).  One thing that I put in my spicy noodles to make it creamy is CHEESE!!!  Weird for some but it's just so addicting, I can't stop putting more cheese in the soup.  Also got a chocolate with almond inside from Lotte, ~yummy~.
spicy + sweet + cute
I also got myself a big bowl with a cute/naughty cat design.  I thought of Naruto eating ramen when I saw this  bowl in a Japan store.  Took the picture with my new phone.
not the latest but at least I have an android phone
Yes, finally I have an android phone (my friends would not tease me anymore) not the latest and hippest but with the price and simple design and good camera, I'm contented with it and I mentally slash this on my 2013 wish list.
photo from http://puritti.uninsomnia.org/?p=317
Another simple wish do come true, is having a Laneige product.  I chose the Power Essential Skin Refiner because I thought it would refine my skin but looking now into different kinds of reviews (which where confusing at first), I came into a conclusion that it just a toner.  I still have a lot of toners but it's okay at least I have a lot of spare.  It's still on transit though, to be specific it's in customs:  Customs please just deliver it to my friend's house.  It's for personal use and please stop corruption.  I'm begging you!

photo from http://www.pinkspage.com
Music sets my mood/emotions.  I sometimes cry just by listening to a good music (don't judge me).
photo from http://www.rollingstone.com
This month, I've been in love with music from Fun., Pink and Bloc Party.  I also like Sextapes by Deftones and Explosives by Bond.  I'm also a regular listener of Jam88.3 which is a local station playing different kinds of alternative music (they are also in UStream) and I thank them for introducing me to different kinds of bands like Black Keys, Alt J, Bloc Party and many many more.
photo from http://blocparty.ru/files/bloc-party-main-big.jpg
Oh I almost forgot about the sunset photos.  Same spot from my previous photos but the sky is extremely orange and there's a natural bookah on the second photo.
orange + plus clouds
look how big the sun is
Summer is definitely in the Philippine air.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. Shin Ramyun is my weakness! I always have 2 boxes of ramyun at my house. I try to stay away but i always fail!

    1. because it's irresistible (drools), have you tried it with cheese?

  2. nice and cute cat bowl! :) plus envy you for having a new smartphone :(

    from Myxilog with love <3

    1. right? it caught my attention and bought it even if I don't need it. and the phone is actually cheap :P


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