May 6, 2013

Onigiri: A first to ME

Been wondering what Onigiri taste like since I see it as a favorite snack in the Mangas that I read.  So when the FamilyMart in MRT Ayala which is a Japanese convenience store,  I grabbed two.

I think the plastic bag is cute
Tuna Mayo and Furikake at P39 each
I first devour the Furikake, rice triangle with bits of egg (the eggyolk) and laver which is a kind of seaweed and some sesame seeds all over.  It's very light and straightforward meal (no surprises whatsoever), well for me it's a snack which is good for those that is on a hurry and just want to grab a quick on the go meal.

Tuna Mayo which is favorite between the two
Next is the Tuna Mayo which is like a tuna sandwich only it's in rice.  Tuna and mayo inside the rice triangle wrapped in nori (seaweed sheet). This one is also light and I don't know if it's just my taste bud but I think the onigiris that I bought need a little more salt?  And since I like mayo, a teaspoon or two I think would make Tuna Mayo Onigiri more palatable to me.

I also roammed around the small store in Ayala MRT and would also love to try the burgers and sandwiches because they look healthy and hope next time that I drop by there's also some makis and sushis and hope FamilyMart Philippines would bring more Japanese stuff may the different flavors of KitKat?

How to open the plastic of onigiri:

there's no full ingredients or nutritional value listed but an instruction on how to open is included
Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


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  2. I haven't been to FamilyMart but this new convenience store is promising.

    1. I'd like to try their sundae especially the green tea flavor :D


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