May 7, 2013

April 2013: Ice Cream and Nostalgia

 It has been a trend in this blog that the author have so many relapses and excuses not to post and only made 12 entries for the month of April 2013.  I need to double my effort this May and I hope this blog will make it to it's first birthday.

Anyway, here are some random things and thoughts for the month of April.
fruits for summer
 I can't go to a beach or anyplace cold to relax so I settled with fruits.  Avocado which I'm craving for weeks, watermelon which is a weekly grocery staple because it's my favorite summer fruit and green mangoes freshly picked from the tree (paired it with spicy bagoong, yum yum).
coolers and they have one thing in common:  ICE CREAM
 What better way to cool down the heat than to eat ice cream.  Ice cream on my tea, ice cream on a fish shape bread???, ice cream on mochis and of course the ice cream itself.  The kesong puti (cottage cheese) and carabo's milk ice cream is really good all thanks to Magnolia and Nueva Ecija.
cookies; a dream come true
When I was a kid, I always crave for cookies but well we are poor and couldn't afford to always have cookies on the table so I couldn't resist snapping a remembrance when I baked lots of cookies and there's enough to put in a cookie jar for me to nibble for a few's a dream come true.  Thanks to my sister for the cute and cool chicken timer.
Seriously GMarket, why are you tempting me?
I got dissappointed with GMarket because I still don't have my 2nd order and all they reply to my questions are just apologies with no actions.  But I can't help but to look for great finds,  look at the style of the bag in the below picture it's so cool ahahaha I almost bought it. 

cartoon bag for fun
Feeling nostalgic with music from Muse, Franz ferdinand, Garbage, Interpol and Filipino bands Eraserheads, Bamboo, and Rivermaya.  Very much into Balisong and My favorite song of Rivermaya, it's just so sad that the band went on hiatus after they hit the asian market and Rico Blanco left the band.
photos from and
 Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!

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