June 1, 2013

May 2013: It's May and It's raining on me

The month of May has been very bad to me especially this week.  First my phone suddenly acquired it's own life, shutting down and starting at it's own leisure making it useless (less 2 months in my hands with no scratch and I handled it very carefully).  So I brought it to where I bought it and 2 weeks after the seller said their technician still haven't seen my phone!!!  I really hate you DB Gadgets!  Next is Meralco; the customer service sucks and up to know they still haven't answered my question (I just received an out of the office message and that's it nothing happens even if I followed up).  GMarket customer service also made my blood boil this month and lastly the mighty Philippines Customs and damay na rin nating and EMS/Philpost.  My friend and I tasted the magic and horror of customs (to the sirs and ma'ams of this institution who does the hokus pokus and the usad pagong system, well it sucks to be you!) kudos though to the three notable employees who really do what they should do.

I have other fits this May but everyone has their own problem, right so I'll just move on with my empties.
additional 5
16 items in total (pic of the 5 will be loaded maybe tomorrow  loaded), whoa and yehey!  Really happy to finish all of these because most of them are about to expire.  Reviews are all on hold, geez I must find time to post.
Stamp carving is my hobby for the month but I must admit, I'm getting tired of it already (I must finish my projects!!!).
Macadamia is my most favorite nut and second or maybe third (???) is almond so I can't resist the Pepero even if it's expensive and the dark on white chocolate by Goya.

Of course MUSIC.  I'm enjoying the company of Maroon 5 (especially Love Somebody), Jayeslee (Safe and Sound cover always amazes me) and Cristina Perri (so she's the artist behind Arms).  Oh and I'm brushing up on my book reading.  10 more to go!

That's it pancit.  Another month ended and in just a few days this blog will turn 1 so June, please be very good to me.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. stamp crafting looks fun (:

    CMPang x

  2. i hope you make a review on the body shop body butter, and hope you got your phone back now arya :)

    1. finally got my phone after a month of bugging the seller :) I really hope I can blog soon and post my thoughts on the body butter. thanks Shayne


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