June 8, 2013

GMarket Haul 2: BitterSweet

Finally; after months of waiting, I got (actually it's "we", I'm with a friend) my 2nd GMarket box.  I feel like a winner and a loser at the same time with this box because I'm one of the winners of GMarket's March Blogger of the Month and at the same time I paid lots of taxes all thanks to our dear customs for declaring my orders as illegal entry (sob sob, I don't want to talk about it because I paid a lot of $$$$).

Here's the box, bigger than my first but....

still from GD *belat*
...if I arrange the small boxes and platic neatly, the big box is half empty (such a huge waste of space).  This time around, I ordered other stuff aside from cosmetics and cellphone case.

around 5 little boxes plus 2 plastics
I ordered a bag and a shirt.  The bag looks really cute but the quality well is...okay?  The lining is surprisingly good but there are defects on the outside material and I don't think I can put book/s in this bag (durability is very questionnable).  The shirt on the other hand is very comfortable!!!  It's actually a shirt dress and goes well with not so thick skinny black jeans.  I tried it with leggings but it looks better on skinny.

the backpack is from here and the shirt is from here
Next would be the cellphone cases of my friends.  I don't know why they always change their cellphone cases but well I love the colors, so refreshing!

both cases are from here
And of course, the very reason why I ordered:  Skincare/Cosmetics!  It looks a lot on the 2nd picture but if I combined all my orders and remove all the unnecessary bubble wraps, they can all fit in a small box.

see? and there's already layers of bubble wrap underneath these goodies
 If I remember it right, Secret Key delivered my order the fastest!  The tin cans really look cute even the inspector from customs said so.  The mini hand cream is a mandatory freebie.

check Secret Key here
Star Cream from It's Skin which I got for a special introductory price.  It's like a primer and a CC Cream? not quite sure since it's not clearly indicated in the description.  So generous of It's Skin to give a mini Toma Jelly Mist (I gave it to my sister though.  I tried the Toma Jelly Cream/Gela nd I like it).

got the Star Cream here
Missha finally have it's...like a store in GMarket and most of their products (around 80%) are actually cheap.  These foaming cleansers (in set of 3 but give the green tea variant to someone) are bigger than I have imagined (I really thought they we're just refills).  Also got some sponges as a freebie.

these affordable Missha cleansers are from here
And the most expensive item in my box, a Laneige toner hehehe.  I thought that this is an essence that's why I ordered it.  Later did I know that it's a toner (the "refiner" in the name deceived me).  I wish the seller gave me more freebies but come to think of it, the Missha Time Revolution Serum is kinda expensive.

don't know if Laneige has it's own space in GMarket but I bought the toner here
Want to know what's on GMarket?  Check the english website at http://english.gmarket.co.kr/index.asp

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. oh yay another haul!! I wanted to try the strawberry latte but I'd like feedback for both ^^

  2. Wow that's a lot! :D I hope you do some reviews of your skincare and cosmetic purchases in the future! :3


    1. thanks for dropping by and I really do hope I can review all these stuff in the future

  3. Great haul! The Steam Cream from Secret Key looks interesting! Especially the tin is nice. I'd love to try out the Missha Cleansers, too :)

    1. the tin cans look really nice and classic. they caught my attention and bought them even if I don't need them :P


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