June 25, 2013

The Body Shop Vitamin E

Early this year, I managed to find a good deal with the The Body Shop and snatch a box of their Vitamin E range (not more than P1000) which I used last May.

I'll just be straightforward so tet's start with the wash and the brush.

The facial wash was really good.  It removes dirt and make-up (except waterproof) and it didn't irritate my skin plus the moisturising part is also good.  Smell is unexplainable, but just imagine the facial washes that you buy in groceries or drugstores (nothing really special with the smell).  It's light pink in color and the texture is not too thick but not too watery too.  My only complain is just it doesn't bubble much (I like bubbles) and that's where the brush enter.

I only used the brush in making bubbles when I'm using the Vitamin E facial wash because it's too harsh for my skin.  It's made of plastic...not just plastic but a hard plastic and it's hard to handle it too, so I totally hate it.

Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash and a small brush

Links from The Body Shop USA can be found here and here.  Below is the close-up pic of the brush.

my face totally hate this small brush
Next are the creams.  I expected them to be heavy on the face and The Body Shop didn't dissappoint me.  They are indeed heavy on the face.  What I hated the most though is that these two manged to give my face some irritating small bumps in just two days.  I stop for a week, the bumps are gone so I use them again and poof the bumps are back.  So after two weeks of testing, I gave up on using it on my face.  My body says otherwise though.  My body loves these too especially my back and legs.  The Vitamin E creams greatly helped in removing the scars from acne ang ingrown plus I like how they moisturized and nourished the driest part of my skin.

Day Cream and Night Cream
The night cream is heavier and thicker by the way while the day cream is more runnier and softer than the former.  Both are light pink in color and are heavy on the skin (but do please consider the weather in the Philippines).  Smell is torelable and nothing irritating.  Link can be found here and here.

left is the day cream, right is the night cream
Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. i bought the brush from the body shop as well and my skin hated it. i was planning to get the moisturizers for the winter. might get some samples before buying the full product. thanks for the review

    1. It's a really horrible brush maybe I'll just use it on my feet. I think the creams have sample sizes in the body shop. Hope they will work well on you

  2. i'd suggest konjac sponge for you, since it's really soft and (almost) all natural. i got mine for about $4 here in indonesia. Maybe you could find some there :)

  3. @tania, I actually have one:D I just used the brush because it came with the other products. would still wanted to try those soft face brushes since I'm so curious as to why they are expensive

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    - kat


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