July 11, 2013

My Thanks with Coffee and Music

I checked my blog today while sipping coffee (after months of not drinking one) and headbanging to the tune of The Temper Trap and I am deeply surprised that there are still around 200 visits a day, wow thank you. The *ahem* blogger in me hasn't died yet, I still look into the products that I use as if I'm going to review them but everytime I log-in and start typing, no words can come out of my mind arrgghh. I also can't keep up my mind as to what template to use, so I usually waste 2 hours just browsing the net, looking for a simple yet fun looking template.

my headphone plus my frog stirrer :D

Oh I also already watch Despicable Me and the minions are really funny (I wanted to tell the story but of course I can't). I enjoyed the movie though I got a little nauseous because of the 3d effect (my first time).


  1. i really really want to watch despicable me ^^ love the minions <3 im not sure if im going to try it on 3d because i always get dizzy every time i watch it in the cinemas haha

    1. It's my first to watch a movie in 3d and it really made me dizzy but fun at the same time :)


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