July 16, 2013

Queen Water Bamboo

Queen Helen.  Laneige Water Sleeping Pack.  Ecotools Bamboo Brush Set.  So, does the title now make sense?

after 2 or 3 months this are the only items that I got (patting my back for control )

Not counting the Gmarket Haul 2 since I ordered it in April and was stock in customs for more than a month and this one from here, it's already been 2 or 3 months since I bought anything.

I ordered the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack around  April I guess? and bought the Queen Helene Mud Pack when I went to Healthy Options in SM Mega (a first) first week of July then also got the Ecotools brush set last week (I don't know why I ordered a brush set since I only use my hands to apply some make-up but anyway it's so fluffy!!!).

Oh now I know, I was influenced by my sister who is starting to collect Real Techniques brushes (she ordered her brushes in US so I ordered too...nee-chan let's stop please???).

And yes, I finally changed the face of this blog.  Let me know if there's any hoopla that you will encounter if your browsing it.

Thanks, from sleepy Arya


  1. Fluffiness is my weakness. Have you touched thebodyshop's makeup brushes?! You should!

    P.S. No wonkiness on your site so far and I like the new colorscheme.

    1. fluffy fluffy, i haven't touched any body shop brushes and now that you mentioned it i should stop myself from entering any body shop store or i might go home with fluffy brushes hehehe

      thanks, good thing my new theme is behaving. thanks again Rae :D


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