July 22, 2013

Raspberry and Pumpkin for a mask from TheFaceShop

Because of my messed up body clock, I woke up at the wee hours of the morning and is on the third and hopefully final post for the day (while eating avocado, clover cheese and chili, hello panda and toblerone, while sniffing because of an uncontrollable colds achooo).

Speaking of last, these two masks that I used are the last from the first batch of masks that I hoard ordered from TheFaceShop through Bae Lu.

First would be one of my favorite masks from TheFaceShop:  The Real Nature Mask Raspberry.

TheFaceShop Real Nature Mask Raspberry
Aside from the funky smell (mixture of raspberry juice and the sweet raspberry smell of candies), I also love how it soften, smoothen and how it made my face plump after just one sleep.

nice words :)
Not sure about the anti-aging etchos that is on the description but I enjoyed using this mask as it's refreshing (even the smell is refreshing, nothing too alcoholic) and the essence is not sticky nor heavy on the skin unlike the next mask.

TheFaceShop Real Nature Mask Pumpkin
I thought this mask would be...wait for it...LEGENDARY!  Because of it's out of this world variant:  PUMPKIN.  Well, I was proven wrong (huhuhu..sob..sob...sob), it's one of my dislikes as it's sticky, heavy, strong smelling (let's just say it's a drunken mask because of it's alcohol smell) and most of all, didn't do anything significant on my face.

"and I though this can restore the youth of my face..."
So yeah, with all the drama while saying ..."I thought this can restore the youth of my face" I regret to inform the facial mask lovers out there that this one didn't do anything significant on my face (let me know your story if you happen to try this).  The only benefit I got is I discovered that there's an expiration date indicated the packs of TheFaceShop mask sheets ahahahaha.

a very long shelf life
I'm running out of words and I think the way I talk (actually, write) is getting funnier? (like a drunken kid from a bottle of beer) and blurry so this will be the last post for the day.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. Hirap nga naman i-assess ang anti-aging echos after just one mask, and you're likely not going to use the same mask over and over.

    Life is too short for just one.

    I like that you write the way you talk. Reading is easier. I can imagine you talking to me.

    1. Thanks Rae, yeah it's fun to try different kind of masks so likely di na ako uulit unless gusto ko talaga siya. Thanks goodness it seems like I'm talking to you :)


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