July 28, 2013

Saan aabot ang 1000 pesos mo?

Back in the days when my sisters give me 1000 pesos as a christmas present, I would create a long list of things and food that I can buy with it.  Those are the days when; as a kid, would make me go gaga and ask my mom to bring me to a grocery store so that I can buy all the candies, chocolates, potato chips and other junk foods and toys that I want  (of course my mom wouldn't let me spend all my christmas money on those things, instead she would just give me half of it.  The other half will have to go to new clothes and shoes for the New Year).

Back in the twenty first century, a 1000 pesos would only lead me to Bench to buy a new pair of black chinos or jeans for work then go to Sbarro for a pizza and drink then go home.  In short, stretching a hard-earned-money is so hard nowadays that people would wait for a super sale in order to go out of the mall with plenty of bags and plastics on hand.

Luckily, yesterday I went out of SM San Lazaro with 2 plastics and 2 paper bags (and a full tummy).  The budget?  1000 pesos!
sweater for a rainy weather
While in most parts of the world almost everyone enjoys the summer, here in the Phils it's raining cats and dogs in midday or late afternoon or in the evening almost everyday so this stripes sweater will keep me warm.  It's only P350 in surplus though the saleslady said that they are going to have 10% on all items on Wednesday when I already paid for it (ngek, sayang naman ang P35 pambili din ng kape or ice cream sa Mcdo).

sinong ayaw ng 50% off?
Simple sandals from Solemate,  I have a pair that is still alive up to now (been using it for 6 months now I think and it conquered the harsh weather and the weight of my body).  They are not that trendy (I know) but they are versatile enough to match any everyday outfit plus my sister and I agreed that the styles from this brand can be compared with those from Forever21.  Can you believe that I only paid P350 for these 2?  And they are very matibay (durable)!  The SA who assisted me even put these two on shoe boxes and paperbags, natawa na lang ako.

Next is the Olive Hair Treatment from Watsons.  I wanted to have the conditioner but they are nowhere to be found.  It supposed to be on a buy one take one promo but they run out of stocks so they just slashed the price in half which  is more favorable on my part by the way and got it for P115.

I still have have P185 left from my P1000.  I spent it on facial tissue and on Wendy's for lunch.  Burp!


  1. i think the sweater and the pink goes well with each other.


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