August 29, 2013

It's Skin Phyto Therapy Nature in Emulsion

It took me months before I can finally have the strength to post this.  I'm being lazy again and I'm running out of words.  Anyway, Its Skin Phyto Therapy Nature in Emulsion is one of the item that is included in my first GMarket haul.

It's Skin Phyto Theraphy Nature in Emulsion
14800 won but got it for 7400 won
Yup, I got it on sale in Gmarket.  It's Skin is one of the stores in GMarket that never fails to offer sales on a monthly basis, too bad though that the shipping rate got up so it's a good thing that there's already a physical store of the brand here in the Philippines located in SM North (wanted to visit soon to get some hyaluronic stuff).

Aside moisturizing, the factors that attracted me are the words phyto which means organic, clinical, tested and safety.  I'm born with sensitive skin (I have no choice) and grew up going to clinics for my allergies and other skin diseases and I dreaded using soaps or other products that are too harsh as it irritates and my skin wounds (the doctor once recommended to use Perla, specifically the white variant as my laundry soap).  Good thing as I grow up, my skin became stronger but that strong enough yet.

I also love the packaging of the product.  Although it looks mature, I think it's pretty even the box (in person because my photo sucks) looks really good. The emulsion is white in color (no pic because I already run out of this product).

Edelweiss or Snow Flower according to, has protection against ultraviolent radiation, anti-aging effect and anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties.  It's not hazardous but should not be taken as a food.  The product also has Mineral Water that according to the description above, provides health and vitality.  Combing the two and the product will offer a perfect response of well-being to the skin.

Setting the words and the claims above aside, this emulsion actually did great on my skin:  no irritation and breakouts, moisturizes my skin really well without the stickiness or heavy feeling and I can put or leave out the cream stage of skincare process and it also gives a nice glow and moist effect.  The smell is also pleasant, it's on an oriental/medicinal side but it's so mild it helps me relax.

Just take note though that when I first used this my skin isn't very problematic and during and after using it, I don't remember having a problem with my skin.

the ingredients
This product seems like a great Geisha to me, pretty and lovable but works really hard.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. Hmmm... I think I'm going towards the emulsion route. Pero feeling ko, an emulsion is a fancy label for a lightweight gel-type moisturizer.

    I'm currently using Andalou Naturals probiotic-c and it looks and feels like most "emulsions"

    1. Yeah, emylsions are actually liquidy/light weightgel moisturizers which I think sakto para oily skin type. Medyo kelangan ko siya kasi ang dry ng skin ko. Where can I get Andalou Naturals probiotic c, don't have one right now at wala pa yung order ko

    2. Correction *emulsion *light-weight gel

    3. Correction *emulsion *light-weight gel

  2. I know you mentioned you have sensitive skin, but do you or have you tried using this with makeup? More specifically does it absorb good enough to wear makeup over it? Because Ive been looking for a product that can perform well with makeup over it.

    1. Yeah tried it but with bb cream and blush only and it's okay. It doesnt make skin looking oiky. Take note though that I have dry skin :)


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