August 26, 2013

Latest Haul :) plus I'm excited with Etude House Philippines 200,000 Likes

Yep, finally haul!  Actually I ordered the items last April if I'm not mistaken but only got it now which will explain my love-hate relationship with the seller (remember Bae Lu from my haul post here).  I'm supposed to received my orders early week of June but she had a problem with her suppliers which I understand, promised that she will have my goods by July but then another unfortunate event happen (by this time my eyebrow is already rising) but she greatly apologize and my boiling blood simmered.  Come August she said that the ones that I like are out of stock already (when I remembered it right she said she already ordered it).  I'm already like a volcano ready to explode but then a week or two after, she sent me a photo of my orders.  Yipee, I'm in cloud nine until I noticed that one item is missing.  Message her again and we have another long conversation with me having a boiling blood already.  In the end she found the missing item in the other box she have and will ship it to me free of delivery charge (yipeeee) but until now I still don't have it (which by the way is the most expensive item in my order).  I'm messaging her, but I got no response.  Hmmp, the only consolation that I have from her is the generous freebie/s that I got plus her patience with me plus I can have the things that I want from GMarket without me going to the customs.

Anyway, it will take a while before I will order to December maybe since she's usually offering sale/promo for the holiday season. Edit:  I got my Missha essence now yipee plus I'm ordering goodness I can't control myself!!!

Putting all these ramblings aside, here's my haul!

Lacvert by...can you guess who manufactured these babies?
By LG!  Yup, Lacvert is by LG.  Got curious with cleansing oils.  I got the two cleansing oil on promo at 9900 won buy 1 take 1 and got a calming pack for free.  I paid 500 pesos which is not bad but if I'm Korea I'll only be paying around 400 pesos :)

so far so good
I really hope this Epilette will make my legs hair-free!  I already tried this last night and so far soooo---just okay but hope I can benefit from this product in the long run.  Tried any kinds of these?

I can't get enough of mask
I got the Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Foam because it's on 50% off sale.  How I wish the Etude House here in the Philippines will also have this kind of promo and I'm also surprised that the masks that I ordered are also on a buy 1 take 1 promo, edit: they are not all in a buy 1 take 1 promo Bae Lu doubled my masks order (except for the collagen) as an apology hehehe so nice of her (I thought the collagen is only the one on a promo...yippee, that's my third yipee word...okay that's four).  I'm also excited that Etude House Philippines have 200,000 likes on their FB page which means 20% off sale on all products!!!!!  I must control myself in hoarding :)

The reason why I can't get mad with Bae Lu for a long time...look a full sized freebie and I've been eyeing this on GMarket.

I'm excited to use all of these
Still waiting for the mystery item from Missha...I actually don't know what she exactly ordered since I gave her two links and the liberty to choose for me.

Have a massive haul post?  Please share and comment the link below :)  I love to look into it.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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