April 15, 2013

Another Online Haul from Bae Lu

I wanted to talk about CC Cream today but there are already lots of post about it, I just decided to just share with you my latest haul.  Oh about the CC Cream, you can check Eva's post on what and how to make CC Cream here.
first time too receive a box from a local seller
I got this haul from an FB online seller named Bae Lu.  What catches my attention from this seller is that you can pre-order items; both in original and sale price, that are on GMarket.  She also accept pre-orders from Forever21 and sells US brand bags and other goodies.  If I wanted something that I need in the near future though, I have to order a month  in advance.  Well patience is a virtue and Bae Lu is also a patient seller, I mean I revised this order around 5 timesand it's okay with her (sorry Bae).  Anyway, here are my orders.
Mizon Herbal Ampoule
I have an essence from Etude House at the moment  but I like to apply serum on my face too (my first serum made a great change on my skin) but I can't find a serum that is on sale so I settled with these 1+1 ampoules (1 for me and I gave the other one to my sister).  Based on the description, thay are like serums.
Mizon Pore Tightening Lotion
Bit disappointed with this one.  The link in GMarket said that it's a 1+1 promi (essence + scrub) but by the time Bae Lu ordered it, Mizon changed the page and became lotion instead.  Oh well as long as it will close my pores I'm find with it.
Mizon Snail Recovery Gel
This gel is quite popular here in the Philippines.  It's a buy 1+1+1 promo.
Mizon Ultra Repair Wonder Cream
I got really surprised with this two.  I'm expecting to see a huge tub but upon opening the box I only saw the small one (I didn't read the label + plus I'm not wearing my glasses) and got disappointed but lo and behold beneath the poiles of masks, a super duper huge Wonder Cream awaits me.  I got the cream as a freebie hooray!!!!

And here's the rest of the freebies from Mizon.
Freebies from Mizon, I wonder what the Vichum is
Oh going back too the pile of masks, these babies makes me want to shriek!!!!
Food a Holic Masks
50 masks in total in different weird variants (potato and blueberry are new to me).  Already gave some to my friends and to my sister.  I know the brand is not popular but the price is a steal and if ever that department stores sell this here in the Philippines, the estimated sale price will be times 4 of the original.
another set of freebies
Wonderful haul, right?

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. wow.. huge haul =) love to hear your reviews about these babies =)

  2. do you also have a link of the seller's page?

    1. here's the link https://www.facebook.com/bae.lu.fashion?fref=ts

  3. Love this haul xx I want to see a post about CC creams XD Thank you very much for the link to my blog <3 I've tried the orange food-a-holic mask and didn't like it much :<

  4. @Bunny Kiss really, I got tons of food-a-holic masks from this haul. hmmm about the cc cream, I guess you already covered that topic :) but maybe if I'll have enough time I'll make a post

  5. I loooooooooooooove your haul.
    Haven't heard of this Korean brand before.
    I'll check out Bae Lu. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. and I love browsing in GMarket because I discover other korean brands that are affordable

  6. hi, aryA... just wondering... how much ung payment kay Bae Lu pag nag-preorder ng items from gmarket? 'Coz i've been wanting to haul in gmarket pero wala naman akong paypal account... X_X

    1. Hello, depende siya sa size, bigat at container eh and wala siyang binibigay na definite na computation so i make sure na yung pre order ko is nakasale kasi pag hindi magkaprice lang dto sa pinas at tsaka bago ako magplace ng order inaask ko muna siya kung magkano yung item. Online siya ngayon :)

    2. Ayun inask ko siya. Add mo na lang daw siya. Facebook name is Bae Lu

  7. Hello Arya... :)
    How much yung order mo sa 50pcs na foodaholic mask and yung 3 snail gel cream? Thank you :)

    1. hello din. for the mask I'm guessing 600 to 700 siya kasi kasama yung local courier na bayad sa korea eh tapos for the gel more or less 500 ko siya nakuha dati pero mukhang tumaas na yung price to 600 to 700 but still cheaper than other shop na nakikita ko sa fb :)


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