April 14, 2013

Testing plus a Mini Haul

Just installed blogger again on my ipod and it's somehow working though putting pictures in place is a bit hard. Anyway, I'll just share some items that I bought for the past 3 weeks of April and all of them are from Watsons.

First is this compact powder; a first for me to have, from Essence which is a brand new in the Philippines. This is just an impulse buy but I needed a powder that can settle my bb cream plus the sales lady was really nice to me. The finished is also great so although I have a loose powder to buy in mind, I got this and would like to go back to try some eyeliner or an eyebrow pencil.
essence mosaic compact powder
Next is something for my hair since it's now beginning to become unruly because of it's length (it's now on my shoulders and I do not have plans to have a haircut). Got this Pure Beauty Essence at a sweet deal.
Pure Beauty Treatment Essence Water
Surprisingly, Bifesta is cheaper in Watsons so even if I got around 3 toners I still grab one. I got the moist this time.
Bifesta Moist Cleansing Lotion
Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. I love Bifesta! I'm using the blue one, for brightening up skin tone. I love how easily it removes makeup, even waterproof ones!

  2. I also have the blue one Ari and yes it removes dirt and make up :D the white one is my back up


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