August 5, 2013

July 2013: It's Definitely Raining (food)

There's a lot of things going on a ride in LRT (train).  There's this chika moments, free make-up tutorial, different sitting sleeping positions and out this world reactions (like the other day the lady is shouting to stop the train in horror because her companion is on the other carriage, good thing someone told her to just text her companion).  But a funny and a disturbing thing happen to me last week.  The woman sitting beside me got up and there's two ladies in front of her that would like to sit (I think they are best of friends because they don't want to be separated).  Since there's only a space for one, I thought one of the two standing girls will sit.  To my horror, the other girl also sits and three fourths of her butt is on my legs.  Thinking that she will realize that she can't fit in, she would just stand and let me sit in peace.  Unfortunately, she comfortably sits on my legs.  I got up and tried to look at her but she never bothered to say sorry.  She even don't feel sorry at all.  *Sigh*  I realized that my legs are so fluffy that people think it's a sofa.

my half eaten omurice with an overcooked egg :P
Moving on, this month after finishing my 5 weeks of yoga (attending yoga classes 4 times a week), I pig-out resulting to a gain of 5 pounds (I loose 15 lbs because of the yoga less 5 lbs from pigging out so there's still 10 loose, not bad).  The first week, I invited my collage friends for a late lunch at Yabu.  Week after that, pizza and pasta party in the office.  Week after that Saizaki eat all you can with family.  Then the rest of July was dedicated to junk food all you want.  I also made/cook four new recipes this month that is why it's raining food with me (aside from the actual rain outside, so nice to eat).
You might be wondering why I'm so concern with my weight.  Well' I'm type 1 obese and even though most of the people say that I just look chubby or I just have big bones, I can feel the heaviness of my body plus the scary facts that the doctor told me from the last annual examination in our office (heart attack, diabetes and other stuff).  So I enrolled again to yoga classes, this time in two different yoga studio.  One is Yoga Plus in the Fort and the other one is in Quezon City in Yoga in Manila.  I'm also thinking to start the routines from Cassie of Blogilates from Youtube and hope that by the end of August, I'll be losing another 15 lbs and again hoping that by the end of the year I'll be again in my normal weight.  Of course I have to cut my regular intake of junk foods and sweets.

helloooo pandaaaa
Well I can't resist eating these panda cookies.  Hello Panda is/are always present in our grocery cart for my weekly consumption plus I'm also starting to explore different kinds and brands of green tea (I'm done with Twinings!).

yummy, I mean lovely camera app name
My photos look a little vintage-y/over saturated because I'm using Pudding Camera and editing it with Pixlr.  I don't know why I'm in love with these lomofied pics (I wanted to collect lomo camera, ugghhh I wish developing shops in my area are accessible and I wish I have a big budget for photography so I can buy a Diana Camera, La Sardiana Camera, Vivitar, polaroids and a film scanner and of course lots and lots of films).  For now I'll settle with Pudding Camera and Lomo Camera to pala.

July Empties
nail polishes that I have to throw
Used them once or twice and that's it, I don't know why I can't love nail polishes, to me they are hard to maintain so congrats to those who love these babies.  An of course my empties, up to now I'm still make habol posts (I'm so lazy).

I love masks!!!
Used a lot this month and thought I only have a few left so I digged my masks collection and poof, I still have a lot of masks though I still have a lot in mind too that I would like to try (My Beauty Diary, TonyMoly U Change???, etc. hehehehe).

photo from here
That's Rico Blanco and I'm loving his Lipat Bahay song (you can check the youtube video here and the lyrics was really fantastic, 90's kids can relate to it plus it's so Pinoy:  the things that you can find in a regular filipino house and the feeling of attachment) that makes me search on his other songs and fall in love with Yugto and Your Universe.  Then saw Up Dharma Down's Oo in the suggestions and remebered my collage days when OPM was so so high and mightly awesome!

photo from
I love Running Man 154 episode!  And I also love the music that they used.  Fire by Kasabian, Extreme Ways by Moby, The Great Escape by Boys like Girls and Dakota by Stereophonics.

Oh, I also change my template this month!

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. I hate people who are like that. :(( Ang sikip sikip na tapos uupo pa rin. -__- And I love pudding cam too! :) Team Manila is having a sale yata on their lomo cameras. I suggest purchasing 35mm film camera's like dina mini and la sardina. There are not a lot of shops that develops 120mm format. My diana f+ has no use to me when I'm stuck in Cebu.
    And girl, THAT IS ONE HUGE HAUL OF MASKS! O__O Hahaha

    1. Kaya nga gulat talaga ako nung inupuan niya ko. I'm eyeing the diana mini f+, ang kulit kasi nung flash pero antayin ko muna yung film scanner sa team manila. Pwede atang lagyan ng back hoe(forgot the exact name) para pwede yung 35mm sa diana.
      Gulat din ako sa naipon kong masks feeling ko kahit araw araw akong maglagay may magagamit pa ako till the end of the year :)

    2. how much are these cameras? :) i recently saw one but ang mahal around 8k :( are these brands cheaper or same price range maybe? btw i like lomo effects on pics too :)

    3. mine which is a superheadz is around 800 to 1000 sa us pero sa Philippines nasa 2000 sa mga online shops. I saw a Diana mini F+ at around 5K siya, mas mahal yung mga la sardina na cams depende sa design din


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