August 5, 2013

Enprani Whitecell + The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss

Back when I'm obsessed in brightening my skin (I give up now), I bought this foam cleanser that promises to brighten and helps skin tone become clearer.  Aside from that I'm also curious because it's my first time to see this brand (bought it from an online seller named Hipstyle) and the packaging seems classy and sophisticated.  According to KoreaDepart:

info from Korea Depart
So here's the foam cleanser together with my newly acquired Ecotools brushes.  As you can see it's so plain but really classy plus the box of this one has this glistening silvery effect that looks a little magical and thought I paid a little for the product (sorry I forgot how much but it's less than 300 pesos).

Enprani Whitecell Foam Cleanser
Brightening foam cleanser which removes dead skin cell and helps your skin tone become clearer.

Not much information but according to again Korea Depart (I'm no way affiliated with Korea Depart by the way, it's just that they have the information I need):

Exclusive ingredients  (Smart Radiancell™)YouthCell™Moist Activator Complex™enzyme (Papain and pro-melanin)

Product Description:
-Controls melanin production to create clean and transparent skin.  
-Through white cell science system, blocks melanin step by step to maximize whitening effect. 
-YouthCell™ ingredient creates dense and smooth skin texture both inside and outside.
-Takes care of lack of moisture to remain moisture for hours.
-Capsule that contains Vitamin E derivatives creates clean and smooth skin texture.
-Enzyme exfoliates old to brighten skin tone refreshingly.

Very promising right?  So I bought this in an instant even if it's out of my budget.  So, I started using this foam cleanser around June by just taking a small amount (it easily creates foam so no need use a lot) making sure that the yellow beads are included then rub it in my hands then I gently massage it on my face.  The yellow beads pops into smaller-tiny pieces and act as a gentle scrub.  Then I wash it off with tepid water (although the instruction said with warm water).  I feel that my face is totally cleansed (as in squeaky clean) with this but since I have dry skin, I also feel the need to put my face essence immediately so I think this is best for those with oily to normal skin type.

I also use this cleanser to wash my brushes as it easily removes my basic make-up (bb cream, lip and cheeck tint, blush, lip balm) without taking away the fluffiness.

the yellow beads pops!
Although this one didn't brighten my face the way I wanted it (I guess my face is just really dead pale), Enprani Whitecell Foam Cleanser did help in making my skin tone a little clearer, I mean there are some parts of my face that looks a little darker and they look like patches (cause by my skin asthma) and they somehow lighten and not as visible as before.  I also like how this one makes my skin squeaky so I sometimes used it as a body wash whenever I feel that my body accumulated all the dirt in the world.

I really don't know what they are
Next is a Christmas/Holiday season body polish edition from The Body Shop.  I know it's not yet Christmas but again, I can't resist 50% off sale plus I like Vanilla, plus (yup another plus) after August, it's the start of Christmas season already (well in the Philippines, whenever the  ~ber~ months starts, we somehow feel the feeling of Christmas that some already start planning on how to hang their Christmas lights and parol and how to decorate their Christmas tree).

Nothing much to say actually because it's the same as the other body polishers from The Body Shop (you can read my post of the Gingerbread Polisher variant here) the only difference is the smell and the beads.

The Body Shop Body Polish in Vanilla Bliss
As you can see it's almost empty in the picture and while I'm doing this post, the container is already in the trash bin.  So the below picture shows different kinds of beads.  There's these smaller black seeds that I think are from kiwi and there's this big seed which I believe to be from vanilla (based on the ingredients list) and I don't know what the rest are made of (maybe debris from these seeds, not sure but they still gently scrub my skin).

not sure what particles these are but the big one easily pops
The vanilla smell is overpowering so it's a good thing for me that the smell lightens a lot after I shower and by the time that I put my clothes on, the smell totally disappears which makes me love the Gingerbread variant better (the small is more relaxing and more clean). I'll use the raspberry soon, let's see if the Gingerbread will still be my favorite.

And of course the ingredients lists.

I see kiwi seed and vanilla seed
Can't wait to hoard The Body Shop stuff after the holiday season :)

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Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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