August 4, 2013

Bonding. Shopping. What???

So I'm supposed to write about my usual monthly stuff but I kinda umm...not remember what I composed in my head while riding the LRT (it's a train) last July 31, uggghh signs of aging.  Another sign of aging that runs in our family is shopping.  My siblings and I bond by eating either at a restaurant/fast food chain or in our backyard.  When I was in college here in Manila, the siblings I lived with would say "come on let's go to the mall" and the major thinking that we do is where to eat and not the stuff that we would buy.  Fast forward to 2013, my sister (the one that I also lived in when I was in college together with 2 of my brothers, I hope you still follow this short snippet of my life because I know I'm not good story teller) and I would go to the nearest mall to look for bargains.  My sister is a bargain hunter and I; on the other hand, is a great good inspector of damages so we kind of make great combo.

Okay so we haven't bought anything from Penshoppe but this is worth mentioning.  I saw this well made military jacket (I am kinda known in our department for having great cardigans and jackets) with a 50% off price tag.  It was the one that I've been looking for all my life.  It was perfect!  Well except for the size because it's a tiny bit smaller to me.  Unfortunately, it's the last piece so with a bitter and sour face I handed it to my sister and she like it too.  Fortunately, it's also too small for her bwahahahaha.  So there we left Penshoppe empty handed and off we go to Bayo.

my sister's finds, they look plain but they really look good when worn
Ahhhh, Bayo.  My sister knows me well because I always buy tops in Bayo when it's 50% off sale and so she knows that I can't resist not to buy.  As always, I picked stuff that are safe (neutral colors, plain cuts and style) and well remembering my past purchases, I also now considered the price (back then I just picked clothes that I like without looking at the price tag as long that a 50% off tag are on them and leaving the shop spending a lot because the ones I picked are too pricey).  Another unfortunate thing happen, the sizes (for the tops that I picked) in Bayo changed and I can't fit in a medium to large size anymore.  And that's my sister cue to enter the scene again.  She's a fashionista by heart, so she rummaged the racks again to see stuff for me.  She picked two, wore the first one that shows my shoulders (she always bug me to change my style to something a bit lively and fun) and said directly to her with a mean look that I hate it and would never ever ever forever  ever wear it.  Moving on to the next which is more of my style but with a mint green and orange/red color combo (not the usual colors of my tops).  It looks good on me and the cuff is so cute so I bought it immediately (but then again it's pricier than the ones that my sister got, ughhhhh).

and mine :) rebbit???  ahahaha
Oxygen is a brand that what we sisters is loving lately.  I hate the prints on women's tees so I always look in the men's section and the sizes in Oxygen fits me well so I got the makulit looking tee with animal hand gestures (I don't know how to call it).  It's not on sale but I like it very much (it reminds me of the the top that I saw from Forever21 with cross prints, by the time I'm ready to buy it's nowhere to be found).  And the skirt (top of the picture) is an evidence of my sister being a bargain hunter, she got it at 70% off and is way cheaper than any skirt with same quality and design in tiangges.

thanks Sample Room
o-ha with matching kiss mark pa
Oh I also got my package from Sample Room which is by the way getting better and better especially the delivery.  I got a lipstick for my sister, it looks red in the photo but it's actually in matte pinkish~etchos, I don't know what exact color it is.  And also got some Watsons shampoo, I'm slowly switching my hair products (cheaper but I do hope they work good).

hmmm switch?
Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. I love your haul with your sister! I haven't shopped at Bayo but will check out their boutique when I go to SM :D I like Watsons products too! They are cheaper but it's like a hit and miss.


    1. love it too >_<
      there are some unique pieces in Bayo (some are really hidden and needs to be discovered, they usually appear on sales but don't get fooled withe their bags, medyo low ang quality).
      Correct about Watsons but so far the shampoos are hits :)

  2. Onee-chan, if your reading this...sorry nabura ko yung comment mo..naghang kasi phone ko


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