July 29, 2013

Baby Foot Peeling Pack

Definitely a bed weather but my body won't let me sleep.  The things that are keeping me half alive is a cup of mint green tea, fita crackers with slightly failed homemade truffles and the sounds and music of Up Dharma Down (filipinos out there, do you still remember them?  I hope yes because they are really very very good great band).

yummy yet sinful
Blurred and doesn't look appetizing food photo but trust me, the  combo is perfect.  Anyway, I'll be talking about a foot peeling product (the i-r-o-n-y hehehe).

This will be the third foot peeling product that I tried.  This time it's from a Japanese brand Baby Foot.  I only bought this online from Hipstyle though I dream of going to Japan someday ever since I watch a series of documentary about Japan when I was a kid.

Baby Foot Easy Pack
Foot peeling pack for a baby feet
Made from Japan
goodbye cracked heels?  I want goodbye kalyo
It seems like I was born with kalyo (callo/corn).  It just been a couple of months since I've done a foot peel and my feet have callos again.  Since it's not okay to use a foot peel more than twice a year, this will be my last and it will be in 2014 that my feet will be reborn like a baby's.

Nice packaging, the box is sturdy and well packed.  It has english texts too plus the illustrations are understandable.  A box contains a plastic that contains the plastic socks plus a comprehensive instruction/manual  on how to use and other facts about the product.

well wrapped plastic socks
santa socks again
The peeling solution is already in the socks so just cut the broken lines then wear them.  Also included in the pack are adhesive papers to secure the plastic socks if it's too big for your feet (they are big for my feet, so I just those adhesive).  Then wait for 2 hours.  Take note, if you have sensitive skin, try the solution first to a small portion of your feet and also don't use it if you have broken skin.

all the information you need at the back of the box
It says that it's made with natural ingredients but it smell so chemically plus I also experience slight itchiness.  After washing the feet thoroughly, I also feel a little numbness (from the long soaking time I guess, hmmm I even don't know why I type that).  Anyway, it took 7 days after before I saw some signs of peeling then another 7 days or more for the peeling. On the 7th day I already helped in the peeling process by soaking and scrubbing my feet.  I also applied lotion to help soften the dead skin cells on the 4th day of the peeling process.

The peeling really takes time but what I like though is that the peeling of the skin is by area.  It also peel even the thickest corn/callos of my feet and around my fingertips and the skin too so my feet brighten after using this particular foot pack from Baby Foot.

effective di ba?
After the peeling, my feet looks pink and became really soft.  Uggh, I hope I can maintain it's current baby foot state.

Now what peeling foot pack to used next?  Suggestions?

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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