September 2, 2013

More Food Please!

Gluttony, according to Wikipedia -derived from the Latin gluttire meaning to gulp down or swallow, means over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or wealth items to the point of extravagance or waste. In some Christian denominations, it is considered one of the seven deadly sins—a misplaced desire of food or its withholding from the needy.

Uhmmm. Who cares?  (just kidding, of course many cares)

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I love food and when I indulge most people call me glutton (especially on my younger years). I just don't understand why they call me that whereas a skinny classmate of mine back in high school who can eat a battalion plates of rice still encourages her to eat more. Crazy!!! I just eat the food that I want whenever I like to eat even if my mother freaks out when I only eat a banana and coffee for breakfast (they always ask why I don't eat much rice *sigh* eh nabubusog ako agad eh pag may kanin).

Ooopps, I keep on blabbering again. Let's just go to the main point of this post...that is the chocolates and drinks a.k.a stress busters that I tried this month.

kitkat green tea
The variants that I always see in groceries here in the Philippines are milk, white and dark chocolate and sometimes mint but in Japan there are lots of flavor that KitKat offers that makes me drool whenever I browse the net.  Luckily, someone in our office sells chocolates and other stuff from the land of Hello Kitty I mean the Rising Sun, Japan.  For those who do not drink green tea or any kind of tea might find this variant weird and for those who are like me who are not consistent in loving tea may also find the first bite weird but as you eat more, you'll fall in love with the green tea goodness in this KitKat too.

Look Green Tea
Still green in tea flavor and still from Japan, Look.  Each chocolate square has green tea and a filling made of chocolate and something like bavarian in donuts, I can't exactly describe it but they are delicious: not too sweet and they have the right kind of softness too.

another Look product and Snakim Seaweed sheets
Another Look chocolate but this time in different flavor.  Surprisingly, they don't taste like medicine and I love the almond variant.

I saw the seaweed snack from Mercury Drugs and bought it out of curiosity, since many are addicted to this kind of snack (even Michelle Phan).  It's too fishy and salty for me, but I guess this is a better alternative for those who wanted to give up eating potato chips.  It's from Korea by the way.

Coco Royal from Thailand and Sola Iced Tea from the Philippines
The bottle actually attracted me to try Coco Royal.  The Coconut Water with Aloe Vera has a nutty taste to it and the Aloe bits are like jelly.  The Mango Juice is a bit bland for me.  The other 2 are my niece's and said that the basil seed are like small pearls in milk tea's.

The Sola in Raspberry is an all time favorite and no one can replace it as it has the right amount of sweetness and tea to it.  Not in love with the peach variant though.

Thai Tea
Yummy but it's too sweet and has an after taste but it's a perfect partner for Clover's Chili cheese!

Swiss Miss Mint Hot Cocoa Mix and Nescafe Gold 3 in 1
I just love mint hot or cold or on ice or in my frap so without batting an eyelash, I just grab a box of Swiss Miss' Mint Hot Cocoa Mix.  Love it when it's hot but even better when on ice.  As for the the Gold 3 in 1 mix from Nescafe, well I'm not liking the coffee in our office pantry it's super sweet and the coffee, creamer and sugar are not balance so I just have to bring my own though I'm trying my best to quit drinking coffee so I can sleep easily.  But I just can't resist the aroma of coffee so every now and then is not very bad right?

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. I love kitkat but we don't have green tea flavor here XD

    1. the groceries don't also have the green tea variant so thank goodness to the online sellers :D

  2. Drooling now!! :D I see you love Green Tea Kit Kats too! :)

    1. It's just so yummy and has the right sweetness to it and goes well to with a cup of hot green tea :D

  3. Wow! This post just made me hungry!
    Haven't tried the green tea kitkat tho.
    Is it any good? :)

    1. it's actually good, though it might be weird for those who do not drink green tea :)


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