September 8, 2013

Cheap Grocery/Department Store Finds that are Great, Okay, Meh and Hell No!

Just going to share some random stuff that I have that are great, okay, meh or hell no!

hair products most of them are just okay
 So first pic consist of hair products that are under P200 ($5)

1.  PureBeauty Treatment Essence Water
I wanted the oil from this line (many popular bloggers love it) but it's out of stock so I settled with the essence water which is on a buy 1 take 1 promo.  On my first use, I spray it on my dry hair combed plenty of times for the essence to sink in and voila there's not much of a difference on my hair: a little shiny but overall my hair is still frizzy and dry plus as the day goes by the product weighs down my hair and made it a little sticky.  I only liked this product when I use it while my hair is wet then blow dry it because somehow it lessens the frizzeness of my hair but still, at the end of my day my hair feels a little sticky.  Oh this one has a very strong flowery/hairspray smell.
Overall this product is a MEH!

2.  Beauty Formulas Treatment Wax
It will definitely not colour your hair but it doesn't restore the softness, shine, and lustre if you use this product as recommended which is twice a week.  This is more like a conditioner to me in terms of scent, texture and effect and the claims can only be achieve if used on a daily basis plus if the hair is properly blow-dried.
Verdict:  Meh.

3.  Syoss Shampoo and Conditioner
The worst shampoo and conditioner that I tried!  Actually, this brand impressed me on my first and second used the horror started on the third used as it made my scalp itchy.  I used the anti-dandruff variant and dandruff appeared.  I used the moisture variant and it made my hair and scalp very dry.  My sister also tried this brand and we have the same sentiment.
This is a Hell No to me.

4.  Tresemme Hair Treatment
The commercial of this brand is haunting and effective.  I went to the hair section of the grocery and when I saw this the ghostly Tresemme voice played in my head so I bought it.  This hair treatment is decent enough to tame my hair for two days but there's something missing in the instruction that is to blow dry the hair after use.
Verdict:  Okay!

The second pic consist of products that can be seen in Watsons.

1.  Veet Hair Removal Cream
I complain a lot about Veet before but finally the formulation improved!  No more harsh smell and effect on my legs and I just have to leave the cream for 3 minutes (but sometimes I go beyond the recommended time).  It's more affordable too compared to Tony Moly's but it doesn't make the hair on my legs less coarse.
Well there's no TonyMoly near us so I'll settle to Veet for a while.
Overall, it's an Okay product.

2.  St. Ives Apricot Scrub
The universal scrub for face and body.  It's an unpretentious product that does what is told to do: to scrub to invigorate and smoothen the skin.  I have no complain with it even my sister who have a problematic skin love this scrub plus it's one of the most affordable scrubs in the market.
Needless to say, this is a Great product!

3.  Glam Green Tea Nose Pore Strips
Most of the time this nose pore strip works.  It removes most of my blackheads and whiteheads.  There are times though that it doesn't properly stick to the skin because of the moist in my nose when the climate is too hot  or when I'm near a steaming cup of ramen or rice.
Verdict:  Just Okay.

4.  TonyMoly Four Way Nail Buffer
A great nail product at a very affordable price (if I'm not mistaken at more or less 80 pesos).  Again an unpretentious product that buff, polish and makes my nails glossy as if I put a coat of clear nail polish.  I just seat on the couch, watching tv with my hands and this buffer on my nails and voila! instant manicure.
It's a Great product!

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. thanks for giving a heads up on the hair products :) been wanting to try those :D


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