September 9, 2013

August 2013: i Don't care

My monthly post is late, I know so for the sake of this blog I'm extending August!  The last 2 weeks of August have been very bad to me or is it just me having the feeling that August will be good and it betrayed me.  My career path is in jeopardy, my personal life is in a mess and I feel like I'm a messy lost 16 years old again (and I thought I'm already 21 with a little few more years to catch up with my real age).  I just wanted to shout "I don't care", but it's still early here in where I am so I'm just playing I Love It (I don't care) by Icona Pop (you should too if your reading this post and in a bad mood).

Feeling better now?  Just to make sure, I'll also share this photo of a yummy Cloud 9 cake from Claudette's.  It's not made of the chocolate candy Cloud 9, but it resembles the layers of the latter.  Yummy and just have the right sweetness but with an "umay" so make sure to accompany it with an unsweeten drink like a cup of green tea.

I know it looks messy, but this cake is really yummy
  And my empties this month.  Most of items are reviewed from my Cheap Grocery/Department Store Finds that are Great, Okay, Meh and Hell No! post.  The Eva's hand cream and Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Body Cream are great products and are easy on the budget too, I'll buy them again in the near future.

hit pan
The stickers from my photos are from the app PhotoWonder which I'm loving all over again.  Also, I'm loving the series White Collar maybe because of Matt Bomer???  Too bad he is not Mr. Grey (although I never read the book).

photo from
 Well, that's all for now.  Let's just pray that the -BER months well behave.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. Ooohh I want a piece of that cake too! LOL. I'm gonna go listen to Icona Pop now. Hope things work out better for you this September and the coming months. :)

    Oh and Matt Bomer is <3~!!!!

    1. Thanks Aya, and hope the cake can somehow bring to cloud 9 when you try it. Too bad Matt Bomer already has a partner, sayang


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