September 9, 2013

Liebster Award

Yehey, another Liebster Award from Ella of Just Call Me It Girl (kamsahamnida, Chan Seul! ).  It took me a while to post this for many personal reasons but here are my answers.

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Favourite Skin Care product ever:
It still would be Etude House Moistful Collagen Cream because it's non-sticky yet it makes my face well hydrated and moist.

Favourite Make-up product ever:
I only have a few make-up but as of now, I think It's Skin Star Cream is the best that I got, it just makes my dull face a little brighter and moist too (it seems like I'm addicted to looking moist).  I'll review the cream soon :) but you can also visit Andy of Shimmering Thoughts' post here.

What is your favourite korean makeup brand?
Uh oh, I don' have any...but I always visit the minishop of Clio in GMarket.  Maybe I should take a look at the shop's kiosk in SM Makati.

Who is your inspiration for makeup and fashion?
Oh my gosh, the questions are getting harder for me because I do not have any.  My everyday make-up consist of make-up base, cheek stain and lip balm.  If I have time then I also wear bb cream and that's all it.  For fashion, I have plain, stiff and safe style but sometimes my brother would laugh at my outfit because it looks "anime-tic".

What is your everyday makeup style?
No make-up make-up is the best for me :)

Who are your 3 favourite blogs with links?
A Beautiful Mess because they cover almost all the things that I like (photography, diy, recipes)

Jenni Epperson because she's nakakaloka ahahaha also cover a lot of relevant things

The third one hmmmm, the reading list in my Blogger Dashboard ahahaha sorry I can't think of a specific blog.  I just read what pops into my reading list.

How did you start your blog and why?
My brother is a blogger (let's start with that).  The I got into Korean beauty products, unfortunately most of the products that I have back then do not have an english description so I have to search then I remembered the blog of my brother and said to myself "hey, why not blog and share all these info that I found" and boom The Certified Latebloomer was born.

What is your favourite song at the moment?
As in now?  Linkin Park's Waiting for the End...If you'll listen closely to the lyrics you will probably know why and everytime I hear this song nowadays, tears are forming in my eyes.  Ang lungkot ko noh?

Summer or winter?
Winter but for a week only hehehehe, because there's no winter season in the Philippines.  I want to throw snowballs in every direction.

3 non-cosmetic things on your wish list! 
Okay, so my wishes are ambitious
First is a mansion complete with furnitures and fixtures, gadgets, appliances and luxury cars and all the good things that I'm imagining right know.
Next would be a big fat bank account to support a luxurious life for the rest of my life
And lastly, for my mom to walk and run and travel wherever she wants and enjoy her life.  I just wish there's Skele-Gro potion from Harry Potter here in the muggle world.

Now for my Questions!
1.  What's the first word that's pops in your mind while reading this?
2.  Favorite uncommon food?
3.  Ultimate "materialistic" wish you want to have this christmas?
4.  (I would copy some questions)  Favorite skincare product and why.
5.  What's your holy grail?
6.  You are a master in?
7.  You usually find your zen/peace in what position?
8.  You're biggest dream in life.
9.  Weirdest dream (in sleep) you ever had?
10.  Why did you start blogging?

And the nominees are:  (I don't know how many followers she have)  (she already have so many followers in just a short span of time)  (she's already a columnist in a newspaper)
and anyone with less than 200 followers, please let me know your blog site by commenting below (I already nominated the ones in my reading list before).  This somehow depresses me because I only have 57 followers and I'm already blogging for more than a year (tatrums!!! ahahaha make me famous and follow my blog :P)

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


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