September 10, 2013

It Just Happen: Yabu the house of Katsu

I was so busog one Saturday May morning when my sister texted me saying she's hungry and I need to find a resto to satisfy her.  Since my stomach is so full, my brain can't think of any more food to eat but since I'm in Megamall it just suddenly pop the much rave katsu house, Yabu and then we are seated and grinding sesame seeds at 10:30 am.

black and white sesame seeds
Can you believe it?  We took photos, most of them courtesy of my sister because I just hate taking photos of what I eat, it's just that I want to eat as soon as the food is serve so most of the photos that I took are blurry.

So being a first timer, the waiter teach how to grind and introduce to us the many seasonings and dressing that they have.  Below is a photo of my sister enjoying the grinding process (maybe it reminded her of our childhood in province).

stickers for protection
and the seasonings
Not really into the sesame sauce (I just used it when my food turned really cold, my sister and all the people I knew who already ate at Yabu love it) but I love love love the sesame dressing for the cabbage, next favorite is the wasabe.

this are all over the place
Big comic strips are all over one side of the resto while on the other side are sake cup holders if I'm not mistaken, then on the kitchen part are big bottles of sake.  Next to the kitchen is the bathroom which has a quirky design because of all the review boards hanged on the walls (I didn't take any photo because the only reason I went to the bathroom is to pee).

again, stickers to protect the identity of the innocent people in the photos
On the food!  We ordered sets because we think it's more economical plus we get to have unlimited jasmine rice, miso soup, and cabbage.  Even if I'm full, I still have seconds of cabbage because seriously the sesame seasoning is awesome.

the sets looks like this
I originally wanted to order the Menchi Katsu Set but my sister said she wanted to eat it and plead that I try others which is a good idea because the last time that I visited yabu and eat this set plus my friends also ordered other katsu sets and we went "umay" (literal meaning fed-up).

Crispy on the outside yet juicy on the inside plus it has cheese, I love cheese.  But please don't forget to share or you'll get umay.

Menchi Katsu Set
Next is the Chicken Katsudon Set, which is just okay maybe because I'm not a fan of sweet viand.  I recommend to eat it while it's still hot and steaming because it's not so good if it's already a bit cold.

Chicken Katsudon Set
The ambiance is good, the slight dim the place makes me relax.  The food is also good just make sure to drink water or tea and eat those fruit and sip some soup to remove the umay effect of the fried food.  The service...hmmm well at 10:30 am to 11:15 am the service is great and fast but on my second visit I eat there at around 2:00 pm and the service sucks maybe because it's crowded with many demanding eaters.

final photo
Overall, it's a good eating experience but I don't find myself in Yabu every payday :P

For more info you can visit
For the menu you can ogle in

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. The food looks yummy! \(^O^)/
    I'm definitely going to try Yabu when I'm in Megamall~!

    1. They also have a branch in sm north just case mas malapit ka dun :D

  2. I really want to try this restaurant but we ended up going to Yakimix instead. Maybe we can try this for a change :) The food looks so yummy.

    1. Definitely for a change, their sets are nakakabusog :D

  3. where's the powder room shot. it's a good shot:)


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