September 16, 2013

Breathe, My New Babies

Gosh,  I've been busy with work, didn't sleep much this week plus I also didn't do any kind of exercise or stretch that I feel so stiff and stress and when I went to 2 yoga classes the other day I was in pain and my body feel sore right now (help me!)

I need to breathe from this life and get out of the city but unfortunately I don't have that luxury right now so plants can maybe freshen me up?  So on my way home from class, I saw a plant and flower vendor on the street.  I wanted to buy a lot so I can have a garden but I have no place to put them plus it may take extra to time take care them (I do not want them to die because of me being irresponsible), so I bought cactus!

my three victims
I wanted to buy more but I settled with three because of lack of space and I do not have my place of my own, I do not want to annoy my niece, nephew and the owner of the place I live in with my cactus collection (cactus collection, that sounds good).  I wanted to get another one which resembles most of the cactus here in the Philippines (plus there's 2 in a pot, a small chubby one and a slim tall cactus) but Brainy here have more character I think (can't believe I just named the plant).  I will call the tallest one Mozart because it looks like a moss and maybe McGirly for the other one (unless you have other great name in mind, do share it with me) because it's the only one that have a bud sprouting (so, I'm assuming it's a girl) although the vendor said they all flower in time.  Oh wait how about Konan, one of the students of Jiraiya?  Sounds good, I think I'll stick with Konan.

with the silly pots
Just in case you are near St.  Joseph Church on a Saturday afternoon and wanted to have plants of your own, then just walk a little more in front of Anson's in Anonas, that's where I got my cacti for 3 for P100 (P35 kung isa lang bibilhin mo, and by the way there are times that Manang is not there).  The plastic brown pots are 15 each.

Now I need to buy some pebbles.  Long live the cacti!!!

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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