September 20, 2013

September 2013 Haul: A Little of Some Things

My sister commented that the buttons on my polo shirt looks like christmas lights the other day.  Can't completely relate to her statement because for me they are just golden small buttonss.  Me thinks:  "she's thinking Christmas!"

-Ber months and in less than 100 days, Christmas and holiday season na ulit!  I usually buy random stuff all year round so I don't know why I'm saying this...maybe because I spend without being guilty of spending because Christmas is just around the corner?  Anyway, here's some random stuff that I bought for the month of September.

random stuff from Etude House, Watsons, Bench and The Body Shop

Small to many maybe but this haul made another hole in my wallet.  Let's start with my lonely Etude House loot.

Moistfull Collagen Emulsion,  Apricot Stick, Styling Eye Liner

20% off! Oh yeah, thanks Etude.  Summer here in the Philippines and I'm already making my list on what to  buy on Etude House once their FB fanpage reaches 200,000 likes.  Unfortunately, summer has ended and rain drops are already falling but no sale yet and I keep on crossing the items on my list until there's none to cross.  A miracle happen though in the end days of August because the page only needs 7 likes when I checked it and almost every prince and princess of Etude House is commenting about the "momentous event".  Made a list again for the sale and again as weeks goes by, I keep on crossing and revising my list.

I posted this immediately ahahaha

Finally, I settled with a tinted lip balm, an eyeliner, wonderpore brush, cotton pads and silicone bands but replaced them with hair treatment  and masks (last minute revision) and off I went to SM Makati.  Sadly, the kiosk of Etude House there got smaller and there's no wonderpore brush which is what I'm excited about,  I'm about to walk away when I told myself, "Hey, you know what?  Just grab that emulsion for the sake of buying something and to uplift your morale.  I know it's a long story but that's the "history' of my lonely threesome Etude House haul plus of course I got a free mask.

Watsons and Bench

Hair Color pack from Glam (I hope you still remember the girl in the pic),  Evas Vitamin Hand Lotion and Bench Body Scrub are repurchases because they're cheap yet works really well.  Just a little upset with the price of the Evas hand lotion because it went up by 30 pesos in just a small span of time.  And I believe the most expensive in this group is the deodorant, can you believe that?  It caught my attention because it's made of tawas but in a stick and it's heavy (and expensive too).

from my excited sister 's viber

I was on a vacation when my sister texted me that she wanted to avail the BPI's promo of buy 1 take 1 of all the gift sets in The Body Shop.  When she vibered the photo I was like, huh? yan lang and you paid thousands?  (huh? that's it and you paid thousands).

Shea Body Whip and Olive Shower Gel

My ignorance of the different products of The Body Shop made me underestimate the price of the set because the body whip is actually pricier than regular lotions as it claims to be light and non-greasy...hmmm I think I'll reserve it for summer time next year (I still have apple lotion pa naman..teehee).

So these are the additions to my mini department store.  Have you gone shopping lately in preparation for the holidays?  I bet there would be a lot of sales and promos this coming paydays, so let's chain our wallets okay?

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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  1. P.s. Im reading this on my phone right and oh my freaking mess, there are lots of error up there, must sleep to recover the brain of my brain and hopefully update this post :)

  2. Great haul~! I was not able to take advantage of the sweet treat of Etude House Philippines because of my schedule. Plus, the nearest EH branch is still closed for relocation purposes >.< Thank you for visiting my blog, Arya!^____^ I've followed you back on GFC ♥

    1. thanks Majorie (cool name by the way) and it sucks that you didn't get any from the sale...I hope Etude House will cook up something awesome again if their page reaches 300,000 and I hope the Etude House near you will reopen soon (and I hope again that it's not to far from where you are)


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