September 30, 2013

September 2013: I'm a Victim of The Killers!

"Mabuhay Manila! Sa wakas..." seems like ordinary Filipino words but Brandon Flowers saying it?  I and the rest of the victims went wild in the Araneta Coliseum last September 26, 2013 because finally The Killers visited Manila (shouts and fist in the air!).   It's already been 4 days since the concert but the feeling is still lingering,  it just made my gloomy September.  I'm supposed to not go because I'm not familiar with all their songs but I ask my friend to send me some 2 weeks before the concert and I was shocked to know that it was The Killers who sang Read My Mind, All the Things That I've Done, Somebody Told Me and other songs that I hear from the radio (thanks to Jam88.3) that everytime I hear them all I can say to myself is "Damn, what a nice song.  Sino kaya kumanta".  To me,  The Killers music is just comforting that in the concert I'm just smiling (sometimes sad, but overall my heart is pumping high (I'm not making sense anymore) and feeling good (uhhh and wishing that I should have bought a better ticket)) and just sing whenever I know the lyrics or if Brandon ask the crowd to sing with him (what a makulit man...the drummer, Ronnie is also super makulit).  The lights are...extravagant too, I mean look at the photo I took with my crappy camera phone below.

Awesome right, ano pa kaya pag nasa harapan ako?  After the concert, I totally don't care anymore if people back when I was in college called me weird for singing Mr.  Brightside.  Ahahaha, anyway more photos from different sites/people from the concert because again I didn't bring my camera.

From Magic Liwanag Photography.  Fantastic right?  Everytime there's a concert that I like I always check their fb page and website because their photos are soooo cool.  Check their page at and

photo from

And here's the blue lights from Pink's phone.

Pink's photo from the concert

photo from
The Killers for September 2013, bow.  Will just post my other stuff maybe some other time because  I'm currently...fangirling (ahahaha, please let me know if you know other cooler term).

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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  1. is he wearing a stars and moon polo? ^^ im soo ingit and so happy for you arya! :)

    1. just stars pero di ko napansin agad kasi ang layo ng pwesto ko how I wish talagang yung malapit na malapit na pwesto na kinuha ko because the concert was so much fun...sobrang ang kulit and no dull moments ^_^. sana bumalik ulit sila dito sa Manila

  2. These Killers are awesome. I had the opportunity to hear some of their songs an I can say that it is just fantastic. Anyway, Enjoy their song.


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