October 3, 2013

September 2013: Part 2

In my last post I've been fangirling crush-ing with The Killers (can't find any "cooler" word for it) because it just simply made my September and probably my first to third quarter  or maybe even my whole 2013 (I just love Brandon, I mean The Killers) and totally forgot posting my usual monthly stuff (although I don't know why I'm doing it).  By the way, I suddenly love the song The Way it Was because of the concert (I'm not into the song before but the live version is sooo good that it made me love it).

Let's start with food (yehey!).  I originally wanted to have a separate post for the foods that I tried and like this September and the first week of October but it'll just take time so why not just squeezed it in this post.


I tried mochi ice cream before but not the mochi as in mochi plain so I'm happy that I can now buy them from the grocery.  The Ube flavored one are actually too sweet so it's perfect to pair it with bland or anti-sweet drinks like plain tea and black coffee.  A week after I bought the Ube flavored, the assorted pack came.  Not as good as the Ube one because of lack of filling and softness and the flavor are so artificial but if you just wanted to try different flavors then  go for this assorted pack.

again grocery stuff

Cream puffs are soooo like clouds but like the clouds that are so high, the price of this pastry(?) in specialty stores are so high that I wanted to cry after spending some handsome amount of moolah just to try them so the ones from Monde are good enough for me (even my chef brother likes it).  Tried the L.A. (low acid Coffee from Kopiko because I'm acidic, sadly it didn't satisfy my coffee craving.  Then Cheezy Corn Crunch which is a dupe for Cheetos has a new variant Buffalo Wings which is perfect I guess for Filipinos because it has the combination of sweet, salty and a little spicy to it (almost all the "all time Filipino foods" has this taste combo, right?)

toasted mamon
Next are these toasted mamon recommended by my sister.  I love how light and crunchy it is plus it has an extra sweetness on top because of the condensed milk...Yummy, it just simply satisfy my sweet and crunchy craving everytime I'm stressed.

buko pie and cassava cake for the fist week of October
Just went to Laguna this weekend to unwind with some friends and officemates (gladly, I'm not drunk and I'm never been drunk although sometimes I pretend to be drunk *belat* and I only drink occasionally around once or twice a year sometimes never in a year) and I just have to have some pasalubong for my family and Laguna is known for it's buko pie.  Melgians's Sweet are not that known but the buko pie from them are actually good.  They use young coconut flesh that are so soft and the center of the pie have the natural sweetness of the coconut but as I bite more going to the outer side of the pie, I appreciate the flan like coconut that's getting sweeter and sweeter that will just satisfy my sweet palette at the end of the bite and it's filling too.  I also got a cassava cake which is always a favorite food of mine and I like that it just have the right sweetness and softness unlike the ones that I tasted here in Manila that the only soft and sweet part is the top that makes me want to throw the rest of the cake (but have to mournfully eat it because it's not good to waste food).

I also finally tried Vikings!!!  Can you believe that I walk around the resto taking photos?  Ahahaha but I always get a stare everytime I snap so almost all the photos that I took are from afar and are blurry.  Here's a sample.

don't touch my sushi's hand!!!

I am supposed to receive my order from Bae Lu this October but I ordered another item (it's an eyeliner and I am so excited about it) so I just ask her to not to shipped it to me (para tipid shipping) and wish granted.  I just have so many wishes and conditions that this seller grants that everytime I wanted a sale item from GMarket I always, as in immediately ask her if she could buy it for me and I always makes hirit for discount (well I usually buy in bulk so discount are always welcome.  Sadly her Facebook page with 6000+ likes got hacked so she made a new one so please like it too.  Bae Lu sells korean cosmetics and Forever 21 stuff.  You can check her page in https://www.facebook.com/baeluBFCuisine (there's still not much photos and whatnots in it but you can browse items from GMarket or Forever21 Korea site and just send it to her) and let her know that you knew her page from Arya De Guzman, malay niyo bigyan niya din kayo ng discount or sangkatutak na freebies  (who knows, she might give you discounts and many freebies).

Bae Lu  https://www.facebook.com/baeluBFCuisine

Of course my empties of the month would always be present.  The Missha facial wash and ZenNutrients balm are still on pending review plus hand lotions too grrr...I just can't find time and the right words to post nowadays *sigh* any suggestions on pumping ideas out of the brain?

September empties

For music, aside from The Killers (well, obviously I've been talking about them in my posts...hehehe) I'm also loving the sound of Silversun Pickups (thanks to Jam88.3 again for playing their music).  They are the band behind Panic Switch, The Pit and Lazy Eye.  It's weird hearing them the first time but the more I listen to them, the more I wanted more more more from them!!!!

photo from http://www.last.fm/music/Silversun+Pickups/+images/52702187

Enjoy listening to Lazy Eye

That's it for my September.

Thanks for reading.  Till then. Bye!

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