October 11, 2013

Eat Like A Boss: Vikings!

looks familiar?

If the place in the above photo looks familiar to you then one, you are probably in SM North; two, you are probably queuing to three; to eat like a viking!


Despite knowing that it's payday and people will definitely buzz like a busy bee in this place, my sister and her husband together with my niece and nephew still went to Vikings to eat like a boss on a Sunday because it's my sister's birthday!!!!


Despite being an eat all you can resto, the place is so elegant with chandeliers and posh victorian like table setting.  I would be more impressed if the flowers are fresh too.

alone, kuya?

Since there are a lot of people, it's hard to take decent photos and we also have to que to different food station.  The steak/meat section has the longest que.  Below pic is an understatement because I took after 1 or 2 pm I guess and soon the lunch buffet will close.

I hope the people in my photos don't mind, but someone out there don't want their faces here then comment below

I'm so excited to eat here and talked about it in the office and in my facebook page for weeks like a patay gutom ahahahaha.

So after eating steaks (ummm forgot what I got, but I eat 2 kinds of steak in mushroom and truffle gravy:  the mushroom is the usual one but still yummy while the truffle one is more on the heavy/darker taste side which I very much like) and 5 kinds of dimsum, I went straight to the dessert section because I can feel my stomach being two-thirds full!

the cakes

I only eat 3 or 4 kinds of cake (I promise to get more the second round but didn't get a chance to go for seconds).  The only cheesecake from the group (the one in small rectangle dishes in caramel color) is delicious and the circle white one on top is good too, the rest I guess is forgettable.

the jellos?

Never tasted any of these which is a shame.  And the below candies too.  I got really sad when I'm taking this photo because everytime I pass by a candy store, I always imagine myself grabbing every jelly bean, gummy bears and whatnots that I like and will not pay ahahaha and when I saw this I thought that dream would come true, unfortunately  my appetite turned demure and betrayed my palette in Vikings.

I wanted to take them home

Snow Ice!  The ice itself is already sweet so don't you dare take another scoop of condensed milk in your shaved ice.  Next to this cute machine is the FroYo which please I'm begging you do get a lot of swirl because I got umay and you might, to which I think is one of the reason why I easily got full.  The main reason I guess though are the mini cronuts which I never get a chance to get a photo because they are selling like hot pancakes.

Snow Ice

The white one is good, the chocolate is too sweet but seeing chocolate fountains always delights me so even if people always gets in front of my cam I promise myself to get a pic kahit pangit siya.


After eating a scoop of bubble gum ice cream and slurping black coffee, I had enough.  I got upset with my stomach that day for not expanding much and not satisfying my hunger for food, So I went around taking photos while watching my sister grabbing makis and sushis and tempuras (I'm so inggit).  One incident made me laugh though, while walking my sister handed me a piece of lansones and another piece of rambutan as if she stole it bwahahaha.

Anyway, here are some photos that I took while strolling.

appetizer section
still on appetizer, how I wish I had some of those cheezes
supposed to be pasta and pizza section
paluto section?

My sister is excited about this section wherein we can ask the chefs to cook seafood for us but we never got a chance...tsk tsk.

my sister getting her fill, while I cry in envy
dimsum/asian food section

Since it's my sis birthday, Vikings gave her a mini cake.  It's a good thing that by the time the birthday wishers came to our table my sister is in the comfort room.  Yep, I'm one of those KJ's who do not want that extra performance while in a huge resto that I even texted my sister to stay in the restroom for awhile.  Don't worry, she don't wanted it too :)

we actually didn't eat this one too

Happy Friday and let's all be hungry!

You can visit Vikings, Luxury Buffet Restaurant at http://vikings.ph/.  For reservations, you can message them in their FB pages just make sure to reserve real early.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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  1. Wow, those desserts look soooooo good!! Kind of wish I could experience this place in America somewhere haha! The environment looks great!

    Simply Akshara

    1. they really look good and most of them are yummy :D I hope you can find a place like this there...it's fun once in a while to eat like you don't care :D


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